Jelena Back At It Again

Honestly, I didn't even want to blog about this because I didn't find it relevant, but since the world is making such a big deal about it, I'll become the millionth and one blog to let you know that pop stars Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are allegedly back together. 

Rumors began swirling that the two were back together when Justin posted this picture on his Instagram profile which clearly shows Selena cozying up to the superstar. One of Justin's friends, Ryan, tweeted earlier in the day telling everyone to delete their Twitter's and jokingly wrote "What you should probably do tonight." In hindsight, this was probably his way of telling everyone that the Twitter world was going to explode with angry tweets once Justin posted the picture.

So far I've seen tons of hate tweets towards Selena. To me, that's no surprise. Do I think it's right? No, but I do get it. Justin is a superstar that millions of girls want to be with. Of course having a public relationship is going to be an issue; for any teen heart throb really. However, I'm seeing people saying that Selena is a "gold digger..." Selena Gomez is worth $10 million on her own. I promise you she's not a gold digger. That's just  an absurd statement to make. 

Lets just let Justin and Selena be. I'm over it already.
-Jay P-

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jennyrahul said...

she hurt him so bd this is not ok and i do not like it so idnt care wht u are sayng here