Days 9 & 13: Pet Peeves & Three Confessions of Your Choice

I have so many pet peeves so I'm just going to list a bunch of them below. I'm sure there are going to be ones I forget and leave out!

  • Lateness
  • Plans getting changed/cancelled
  • Lying
  • Drinking out of a bottle or can
  • When the bed sheet comes undone
  • Being ignored
  • Being too hot
  • Being too cold
  • When my room is a mess
  • When people listen to music too loudly
  • If I'm typing and I keep making the same mistake or auto correct doesn't work right
  • When walking in a group, I hate being the first one or the last one. Always in the middle
  • Repeating myself
  • That noise a straw makes when you get to the bottom of a drink
  • Little kids who don't know how to act in public
  • When you're with friends and they're on their phone
  • Driving 

Confession 1: I used to be super shy when I was younger, and even towards the beginning of my website I never wanted to do interviews in person. I always had them through email. I'm glad that is over lol.

Confession 2: I'm afraid of the dark and still have to sleep with a lamp on

Confession 3: Everyone says I can be overly dramatic...and in 8th grade I got the title of "most dramatic." I guess I'll admit there's some truth behind that statement.
-Jay P-


Kristen said...

awwies! The fact that you sleep with a lamp is adorable (:

Anonymous said...

i hate lying too!