Day 26 Name The TV Show You Have Become Addicted To

I couldn't name just one, so here are two TV shows that I have become addicted to. I am a die hard fan of Teen Wolf and True Blood. I became a fan of True Blood after the first season. My dad watched the first season and told me that I needed to watch the second one with him. When it started up I got hooked right away. It's definitely my favorite show on TV.

My second favorite show has to be Teen Wolf on MTV. I watched the first season and loved it. After that, I kind of got caught up with school at the time, and so I missed out on the second season. When the third season was ending I caught up via OnDemand. Since then, I've been obsessed with it. I actually introduced the show to Dylan and caught him up with the whole third season in the past two weekend.

So there you have it! Those are my two favorite shows and I highly recommend checking them out. What are your favorite shows on TV right now?
-Jay P- 

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