Beyoncé Releases Surprise Album & Breaks Records

Beyoncé has once again proved why she is, in fact, Queen Bey. The singer's self-titled visual album was released with no promotion of any sorts, and contains 14 songs and 17 music videos. It's unheard of for an artist to release an album without anything leaking, but Beyoncé was able to not only release the tracks, but videos to accompany them as well. 

The album hit iTunes on Friday and I immediately purchased it and checked it out for myself. It's different from anything that she has done before and I believe it will be a hit or miss for many people; for me it is a hit! I love everything about the album. It is more than just an attempt at selling records. This album is a piece of art. Each song and video is so unique. It really gives you a glimpse into the artistic genius of Beyoncé as well as a more personal look at her life.

The album is already breaking records too! Apple has announced that the album has sold 828,773 copies in three days, making it the fastest selling album EVER on iTunes. The album also broke U.S. first week album sales with over 600,000 copies sold in the U.S. As of now, the album is only available via iTunes, but it is scheduled to be released as a hard copy sometime during the Holiday season. What do you think of Beyoncé latest album?
-Jay P-

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Camila said...

ONLY beyonce could pull this off shes the baddest bitch in the game