Ebony Day Releases "The Beginning" EP

Friend to the site, Ebony Day, has just released her brand new EP titled The Beginning. I've checked it out and it's amazing! Ebony, if you're reading this you did a wonderful job.

To download your copy of Ebony's EP click HERE or click the picture below. Follow Ebony on Twitter @EbonyDay1.

-Jay P-


Dylan Covers "Hold On We're Going Home" by Drake

Hey guys! Dylan was sick last week so he couldn't put up a cover, but check out his latest cover of Hold On We're Going Home by Drake! This one's a little more laid back and Dylan had a great time recording. If you have any cover suggestions feel free to leave them below!
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Ebony Day Interview

Hey guys! Check out my interview with the lovely Ebony Day! She's an amazing talent from the UK, and she was also named MTV's "Brand New" Artist for 2013. She was the first unsigned artist to ever earn this title. I really enjoyed chatting with her, and I'm sure you guys will love the interview.
Follow Ebony on Twitter @EbonyDay1. Check out her YouTube by clicking HERE.
*Pre-Order Ebony's EP "The Beginning" by clicking HERE*
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Ashly Williams Sings "I Will Always Love You" On X Factor

I've been following The X Factor this season, and thus far only a few artists have really grabbed my attention. One of them in particular grabbed my attention more than the others. Her name is Ashly Williams. Last night, Ashly performed her rendition of I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston, and while it wasn't perfect vocally, her emotion shined through. I believed every word she sang.

Ashly's mother was murdered when she was a little girl, and ever since then she has pursued singing in her honor. If she can continue to perform as she did last night, Ashly will definitely be one to watch this year. Who are your favorites?
-Jay P-


Goodbye Summer

So I know Summer hasn't officially ended; but I'm basically over it already. It's been a long summer full of tons of ups and downs, but at the end of the day I can definitely say that I've learned a lot about myself over the past four months.  

I definitely accomplished more in the past four months than I've ever accomplished. I'm so grateful to have been apart of Summer Jam, OMG Music Fest, and the countless other events I attended. Basically, I've learned that life doesn't stop for anyone and you have to keep pushing. No matter how hard things get; never give up. If you want something in life than you have to make it happen for yourself. Do not let anyone stop you or tell you otherwise. Live for your own happiness.

Anyway, here are some pictures of me hanging out with my friends in the summer, and some pictures from my family vacation to Canada. Deuces Summer 2013. It's been real.

-Jay P-

McKinzie Chic Goes Floral: Designer to the Stars Gears up for Fall 2013 Collection


 Philadelphia Fashion Week is right around the corner. And you know what that means: an abundance of Philly’s fashion trendsetters flooding the famed Crane Arts Building to see what Philly’s fashion division has to offer. With 10 designers debuting on September 20th, both national and international designers will come to the main stage to debut their Fall/Winter 2013 collections. And this year’s lineup incorporates Philly’s very own, McKinzie Chic, a trendy women’s ready-to-wear line consisting of blazers, dresses, and jumpsuits.

The brand is the brainchild of South Philly native Sheri McKinzie and was launched during summer 2012. Since the launch of McKinzie Chic, Sheri’s unique pieces have been met with nothing but celebrity validations. Her pieces have been spotted on your favorite celebrities such as Basketball Wives’ Draya Michele, Fantasia Barrino, Bad Girls Club’s Milyn Jensen, and R&B Divas LA’s Michel’le. The hard-to-find textiles add to the exclusivity of McKinzie Chic, as each shopper is always sure to enter the nightclub or dinner date rocking a never-before-seen look. She reinvented what it means to wear a jumpsuit, fashioning sexy cleavage along necklines and accentuating jumpsuits with impeccable lining, making it the archetype way to accent a silhouette. McKinzie Chic reinvented “sexy” making it more chiseled, with her eclectic idea to use rose-patterned sleeves rather than baring skin in her Spring 2013 collection. But as she dives into fall, she is promenading once more into “rose-land,” but this time channeling Italian hedge maze gardens met with sleek city sophistication met with art dealer chic. Make sense?

So on September 20th, models will grace the runway at the Crane Arts Building in her new “Floral Chic Fall/Winter 2013” collection. Sheri has optimisms of gaining the attention of prospective buyers, jetsetters, and stylists. So she is fine-tuning the brand once more, this time from an upmarket angle.
“This time I went for eye-catching, timeless, elegant pieces. And I think I did just that. I’m trying to cross over with this collection and show that I am a versatile designer,” says Sheri on her drive and inventiveness behind the collection. “I want women to see this collection as their essential to a night out on the town or their plus one date to a friend’s wedding. The pieces can be worn almost anywhere.”

The innovative Fall/Winter pieces can’t be duplicated as she mixes up this collection by using roses that vary in size and creating a new trend of pairing long sleeves with three-quarter-length sleeves. She keeps it clean, crisp, and lustrous by sticking to strict color schemes of red, black, taupe, and off-whites but creates pieces of clean basic design. The unique textiles are what make the statement in this collection. She steers away from the mainstream market’s overly frequented basic prints and busts the seams with rare stretch materials. With only days away until her Philadelphia Fashion Week premiere, Sheri is eager for the launch of her cutting-edge collection.

“I want people to look at this collection and think ‘Hey I can see Kim Kardashian or Angela Simmons or Rihanna in this’,” she confesses. “I’m taking it there.”

It is safe to say that the new McKinzie Chic collection is a highly awaited one that you’ll want to be the first to see. Stay tuned on what’s next for the McKinzie Chic brand by checking out www.mckinziechic.com or following on Instagram and Twitter @mckinziechic.
-Jay P-


Iggy Azalea - Change Your Life (Explicit) ft. T.I.

Iggy Azalea has released the music video to her latest hit single, Change Your Life and it's a good one! Iggy is really something special and has been growing on me recently. She's incredibly stunning, and also a great rapper. 

Iggy is fresh off her appearance at the MTV VMA's where she was not only a presenter, but a nominee in the Artist To Watch category. It's easy to see that this is just the beginning for Iggy Azalea. Keep your eyes open, and be sure to follow this star's career!
-Jay P-


Dylan Covers Miguel & Ed Sheeran

Check out Dylan's latest covers of Adorn by Miguel and You Need Me, I Don't Need You by Ed Sheeran! I really like how these two covers came out. Stay tuned for weekly covers, video blogs, and YouNow sessions! If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment below!
-Jay P-


Jay Swag TV - "15 Weird Question" Tag

Hey everyone! It's been a really long time since I've done a video blog, and even longer since you've seen a video with Dylan. I've always been open with my life on here, so here we go. 

 Neither of us addressed the situation directly, but it's pretty clear that we weren't talking. It took us four months to swallow our prides and finally sit down to talk things through. All I can really say is this; there are friends, and then there are friends that become family. When you find those people, don't be stupid enough to lose that bond. We're back now, and I hope you're ready for everything that is about to happen for us. Thank you for never leaving our sides.

That being said; check out our "15 Weird Questions" tag video. Let us know what you think, and if you have any suggestions for future videos! Follow us on Twitter @OfficialJaySwag and @DTBMuzic.
-Jay P-

Katy Perry - Roar Music Video

Katy Perry has just released the music video to her hit single Roar! Katy channels her inner Tarzan as she's trapped in a Jungle in the video. This song really grew on me, and the video is actually pretty cool. What do you guys think of the new music video?
-Jay P-


Dylan Holland Interview (Follow-Up)

Hey guys! I recently had the chance to catch up with my bro Dylan Holland at OMG Music Fest NYC! It was really cool to finally get to meet him in person. We talked about everything from his new music, to the importance of the charity, to whether or not he liked pickles.

Be sure to follow Dylan on twitter @TheDylanHolland. Also, thank you to Jessica Gerbe for letting me use her footage of Dylan's performance. 
-Jay P-


Alyssa Shouse Interview

Hey guys! Here's my interview with the lovely Alyssa Shouse! I'm so glad that we finally got to sit down and chat at OMG Music Fest in NYC. Alyssa is so sweet and talented.
Again, the audio may be a little low at some points, but you'll definitely be able to hear with headphones! Be sure to follow Alyssa on Twitter @ItsAlyssaShouse, and check out her YouTube AlyssaShouse524. Thanks Alyssa!
Download Alyssa's new hit single Rainbow; click HERE.
-Jay P-

Brandon Hassan Interview

Here's another interview with one of my favorites from OMG Music Fest, Brandon Hassan! I really enjoyed meeting, and interview him for the first time. 

I apologize for the audio! It was pretty loud on the boat haha. Follow Brandon on Twitter @_BrandonHassan.
-Jay P-


K. Nicole Couture Debut in Philly

(Designer Kera Anderson showing a guest a piece from the collection)

K. Nicole Couture hosted a soft launch of its line at the 1617 Space located at 1617 East Passyunk Ave on August 24th. Philly's fashion elite came out to celebrate the launch of the new women's ready-to-wear line created by designers Nicole Styer and Kera Anderson. Between food and drinks, compliments of Heart & Soul Food, the guest mingled throughout the night as live mannequins lined the space of the venue. 

(Models pose with designers Nicole Styer and Kera Anderson along with America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 Cory Minkoff)

(Models pose in the new collection)

(Cory Harris and Taimon Hector)

(Owner of Avante Garde Galleria, Tamyra Minor)

-Jay P-