Courtney Zahn Covers "Holy Grail"

Courtney Zahn just posted her new cover of Holy Grail by Jay Z and Justin Timberlake, and I suggest you check it out right now! I love this cover so much and it's a personal favorite of mine. Leave a comment below with your thoughts and song suggestions.

Be sure to follow Courtney on Twitter @ItsZahnCourtney and check out her website www.courtneyzahn.com
-Jay P-


Clair said...

She's so goooood i love this arrangement

Anonymous said...

Please bring Dylan back and have him and Courtney collaborate...I would cry. They are both so amazing. Please. Please. I know you were all friends. I saw the pics on IG. Please come back Dylan.

Anonymous said...

this is her best cover :) but best idea ever dylan and courtney all the way

Katelyn G said...

She's awesome. I do miss Dylan though :( they would sound great today. are you and him still not talking?

Anonymous said...

Dylan would do a duet with Courtney but he's being stupid that's all. If you go on his Instagram you see the pic of that girl...she ruined everything And then on Twitter put up videos with some loser who is his "bro." They are going very far in life it looks like.


Courtney is extremely talented and that's how it should be. Her and Jay are meant to work together. THEY will both go far because they want it. You can see the passion in their eyes. Great job Courtney.