B5 Interview

I recently had the chance to interview the extremely talented singing group B5! These five brothers have been around for a little while now and they are here to stay. Check out their recent hit song Say Yes above. Also, be sure to watch 106 & Park tomorrow, Monday August 19th, where the guys will be stopping by for an interview. Tuesday, B5 will be doing a Livestream chat that you won't want to miss. Click HERE for the link. 

Hey guys! First, can you please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself?
"Yo its ya Boy Dustin, Hey its Kelly, whats up guys Patrick here, what up everybody it's Carnell and i'm Bryan.

We are B5. We are all brothers and we breathe, live and sweat music. Been doing this ever since we can remember and was signed to BadBoy for a while and released 2 albums with Diddy then took a much needed break to enjoy life and re-invent ourselves as artists and grow."
You guys became a group at a young age. When did you know that music was what you wanted to do with your lives?
"Yes we did start young around 7-12 years old. It was kinda something we always did for fun as a hobby. When we started to do Radio Disney competitions in Florida we always won them and realized we wanted to pursue music and started taking it seriously."

You've accomplished so much throughout your career and have been able to perform with the likes of Usher, Kanye West, Mario Winans, and countless others. What do you feel has been your most rewarding experience thus far?
"We've had a lot of great times and have met so many great artists and people in the industry from presenting at the MTV Awards to having the lead song on the Disney phenomenon "High School Musical" album to performing at Madison Square Gardens. But nothing is more rewarding than when our fans are singing our songs when we're performing live!"

What is one thing that you guys hope to accomplish throughout your careers?
"Right now we are all focused on continuing to build our fan base and become a universal household name as a group."

What's any interesting fact about each of you that many people may not know?
     Dustin: "I'm a workaholic! Lol. I love to workout & enjoy networking because I love to be around people. Plus Im a movie junkie"
     Kelly: "I love to play guitar and I have a passion for art"
     Patrick: "I love to make beats and I take my business very seriously"
     Carnell: "I love movies and I have a passion for photography! I plan on opening my online photography site soon!"
     Bryan: "I spend a lot of my free time producing beats and learning to play piano."

What can your fans expect from you guys within the next year?
"New music, new videos, worldwide tours and meeting as many of our fans around the globe that we can! lol"

@missafrikah73 wants to know if you had to do away with one of your 5 senses (taste, sound etc.), which one would it be and why?
Dustin: "Taste! Dont need to taste food to keep me alive, just need to eat it! Lol"
Kelly: "Definitely taste because I believe the other senses are more important to me"
Patrick: "Smell because I need to see, hear and feel what I'm doing at all times"
Carnell: "Probably smell. Because the other 4 senses are more important to me."
Bryan: "For me it would be smell. Because I need to hear my music, sing my notes and see my fans! Lol"

Fav Five

Favorite color? "Red"
Favorite food? "Steak & Salmon"
Favorite movie? "Django"
Favorite song of all time? "Human Nature by MJ"
Favorite artist of all time? "Michael Jackson & Prince"

Favorite color? "Brown"
Favorite food? "Japanese"
Favorite movie? "Scott Pilgram Vs. the World"
Favorite song of all time? "Smooth Criminal by MJ"
Favorite artist of all time? "Andre 3000"

Favorite color? "Denim"
Favorite food? "Anything thats not spicy"
Favorite movie? "Anchorman" and the "Matrix Trilogy"
Favorite song of all time? "Anything MJ"
Favorite artist of all time? "Michael Jackson"

Favorite color? "Red"
Favorite food? "Italian"
Favorite movie? "The Last of the Mohicans"
Favorite song of all time? "As a kid "Africa" by Toto was my song"
Favorite artist of all time? "MJ will always be the one. But as of today it's Brandy"

Favorite color? "Orange"
Favorite food? "Italian"
Favorite movie? "Avatar"
Favorite song of all time? "Wow! There are so many to say but for now it's "Locked out of heaven"
Favorite artist of all time? "As of today Bruno Mars"

I hope you guys enjoyed the interview! I just want to thank B5 for taking the time to do this! Be sure to follow them on Twitter and like their Facebook page!

-Jay P-


MalibuMara said...

LOL I met them when I was like 15. I have embarrassing photos of me hanging out in their hotel room haha.

Anonymous said...

I loved them so much! I can't believe they are back.

Anonymous said...

they are so goooood say yes is my fav song now illl b watching tomorrow

Jade said...

such a good interview with them. Thank you :)