Candice Glover Crowned American Idol

That's right! I called it from her first audition. The winner of the twelfth season of American Idol is Candice Glover! For the first time in a very long time, the winner is actually the best singer on the show. 

I'm so happy for Candice. She's been one of the best contestants to ever appear on the show, and after auditioning for the show three times, she finally proved that she deserves the title!

For the first time in Idol history Candice's debut album Music Speaks is available for pre-order on iTunes. Her single, I Am beautiful, is available for download now on iTunes!

Congratulations to Candice Glover! I can't wait to hear her original music. I think we'll be hearing from Candice for a very long time!
-Jay P-


Nicole said...


Anonymous said...

Best singer to ever beon Idol

Anonymous said...

Loveeeee candigirl. Would Dylan ever try out for idol?

BernationGirl said...

This is for Dylan. You just Keeked about how you miss us. If you do why aren't you singing? You left us :/

Anonymous said...

It's because he's too busy with his girlfriend

sarah k said...

I am so happy for you Candice!!!!!!!!!!