Nicki Minaj "Up In Flames" - Music Video

Guys! I love love love this song and the music video certainly did not disappoint! Nicki Minaj has stepped away from her original image as a female rapper, that's a fact, but this song/video is showing that she can go right back to where she came from...and I'm obsessed with it!

When I first bought the Re-Up album Up In Flames was one of my favorite songs on it. I loved Nicki's flow and I wanted to see a video so badly. Now, Nicki has delivered with an incredible music video. There's no gimmicks, no colorful wigs or ridiculous outfits, just a simple visual to go with a great song.

I also think it's clever that it launched through WorldStarHipHop. I give Nicki an A+ for this. I'm glad to see this Nicki back and I hope she's here to stay.
-Jay P-


Barbz said...

😍 It's like Nicki from The Come up DVDS

Anonymous said...