Candice Glover Slays Again

Candice Glover is honestly one of the best singers to ever step foot on the American Idol stage, and last night she continued to show why!

She sang one of the biggest songs of all time, When You Believe, by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. Not only did she sing a song but two of the greatest singers in the world, but she sang it in front of Mariah herself! Most people would fall short, but she earned herself a standing ovation from all the judges  including Mariah. 

I can't even imagine what Candice felt at that moment, but this performance was simply incredible. You felt every word she was singing. It definitely made me believe!
-Jay P-


Anonymous said...

I cried just watching this and thinking about the people in Boston

Anonymous said...

every week she gives one of the best performances ever on Idol. This was no exception. Great Job Candice

AIFreak12 said...

She is probably the best contestant to ever appear on the show.