New Music: Jessica Sanchez ft. Ne-Yo - "Tonight"

Jessica Sanchez recently debuted her new single on ryanseacrest.com. The song titled, Tonight, featured R&B star Ne-Yo, and is said to give the listeners a preview of what Jess' album will sound like. The song is up beat and fun, and I can definitely see this becoming a party hit in no time. 

Make sure you pre-order Jess' album Me, You & The Music, which will hit stores later this year. Also, be sure to catch Jess performing Tonight on the American Idol stage on tonight's results show!
-Jay P- 


Anonymous said...

hope u see each other soon

Anonymous said...

she did amazing tonight!!!!!!

Jade said...

I love that you watch boy meets world hahaha you and Dylan have the same relationship as Cory and Shawn aka best bromance ever