Day 07 - Why Did You Start Blogging

Why did I start blogging? Hmm...that's a good question. I started blogging back in 2008 because I always had a passion for writing. I remember having my poetry published starting in the 6th grade. I always dreamed of having a book published someday. I actually remember sitting in the kids room at a local bowling alley, writing up short stories and drawing pictures for them.

I wasn't your average kid. When I had a desktop computer, there were tons of "books" that I was writing on there. They were quite lengthy, being that I was only ten-years-old. I had one story that was on it's 30th typed page, one that was on it's 20th, and one that was on it's 12th. I loved writing. 

I also loved the celebrity world. I dreamed of not only being a celebrity, but interviewing them, and sharing their stories. I remember myself, along with two of my closest friends, started making "The J Mag;" a hand written, hand drawn, magazine that we attempted to sell on my front yard. This was really my first encounter with journalistic writing. We had a section for music, celebrities, games, and movies. I still have copies of them actually! Maybe one day I'll show you guys haha!

Then, when I became a freshmen in high school I became close friends with a girl by the name of Savannah Britt. After getting to know each other, I found out that this girl that just happened to go to my high school, was also the world's youngest magazine publisher (at the time). I told her about my passion for writing and what I wanted to do, and she helped me start a little blog called Jay Swag Entertainment News. You know how it goes, the rest is really history.

It's crazy to think of how far I've come, but I couldn't be more grateful. I never expected that I would be interviewing celebrities on a daily basis, and getting invited to various events. I never thought that I would become friends with these celebrities, and travel to places like Canada, to meet the cast of one of my favorite TV shows. I never thought that I would be watching TV saying "Yep, that's my friend auditioning for American Idol right now!" It's funny how all of this has happened to me at such a young age, but I wouldn't change it for the world. Thank you guys for all of the support! I hope one day to share my whole story with you, and hopefully inspire at least on person to follow their dreams. 
-Jay P-

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Anonymous said...

U inspired me to be a singer and maybe one day u will be manager for me :)

Anonymous said...

I have been there from the beginning. Watching, admiring, and yes supporting you (even though you have accused me of NOT supportng you). I AM PROUD OF YOU!! A comment from "you know who"

Jade said...

You're amazing Jay! I can't believe how far you have come. It gives me chills and inspires me to think that you were so young when you stepped into this industry, but you weren't scared at all. You said in one of your interviews that you didnt think age had to be barrier to success well, let me tell you, if age ever was a barrier you just shatterd it. Congratulations <3

Brenna said...

congratulations on everything! i love how you put pictures of your past logos. the evolution of jayswag is so cool

Anonymous said...

I wrote about u in a school project recently. I hope u don't mind..or think it's weird. I had to write about someone who inspires me. Well...all my friends and even some of my family does drugs and it upsets me. I read ur blog everyday and say wow if he can do it so can i. idk if u will even read my comment that i put here but thank u for being u and inspiring me. just know u always have at least one fan here who u made a difference in her life. <3333