Stephanie Nogueras Interview

(Photo credit: The Stephanie Source)

Hey everyone! I recently got the chance to catch up with my cousin Stephanie Nogueras! I've been supporting her on the website for years now, and as most of you know, she is currently playing "Natalie Pierce" on ABC Family's hit series Switched At Birth! Check out our interview below.

Hello! First, can you please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself?
"My name is Stephanie Nogueras and  23 years old. I am an American model & actress of Puerto Rican descent."

When did you first decide you wanted to enter the entertainment/fashion industry? What made you want to get into modeling, and later acting?
 "I was in college in Rochester, New York during about 2nd years, I have decided exploring what is like to be a model and I loved it. I started from there and have been modeling since. On May 2012, On the same last day of college, I moved to Los Angeles from South Jersey. Next day, I was doing an extra means background performer for Switched At Birth. That was the first time for me and started considering to be an actress till 6 months later. I got an audition and decided taking a leap of faith and believing in myself. I made it and the rest is history."

When you began modeling, what did you find was the hardest thing to get used to?
"Well honestly, there was nothing major challenge for me to get used, just very common for the deaf and hearing people to become a team by gesturing and communicating. Everything went smooth. :)"

Out of all of your photo shoots, which one is your favorite? Why?
"Well I have to say few pictures by photographer and hair stylist Laurentius Purnama because of wild creative & strong poise through my eyes and body language in images. I absolutely loved it!"

Tell us a little bit about your move from New Jersey to LA. Were you nervous at all? How did your friends and family react?
"I always have been dreaming of living in a big city and be a successful Deaf woman as a good role model since I was a little girl. Los Angeles is one of my dreams. My parents were not comforted with an idea or not really approved of it. I understand they were concerned about the distance, money and safety. They are overprotective parents. However, they did not realize how much I have become  passionate over years. My friends are always believing in me and encouraging me to go for it. Finally, my parents decided letting me. I was spreading my wings of pride and joy. There was no fear or anything. I was beyond excited and stoked. It was just an amazing moments when I walked out of Los Angeles International airport's door. I just cannot describe how much I am strongly passionate about my dreams. It's like a soul fire in your heart as you desire to get what you want. Now, my family and friends are happy and very proud of seeing me living my dream. I am blessed everyday. Often, I walk down in a big city of Los Angeles and a big smile on my face. A lucky girl in the world. Many thanks to my wonderful parents, family and friends!! Love you guys!"

(Photo credit: The Stephanie Source)

Congratulations on your new role as "Natalie Pierce" on ABC Family's Switched At Birth. That's amazing! Take us back to your first audition day. What was it like auditioning for such a huge show? How did you feel when you found out the great news?
"Thanks!! Oh boy, it was so intense and unforgettable experience on that day. Honestly, I was pretty nervous all week before the audition. I was completely focused studying the script till I memorized them all. On that day, from the moment I woke up and my mind already raced like a crazy OCD to make sure everything is going well from time to time. So, I entered the waiting room and same time my palms were sweating. I was so nervous but I managed to stay calm well. It was not easy but I did. The intense part, I looked at other experienced actresses in the same waiting room. By the way, I had absolutely none experience in acting. I had a glimpse of hope I might make it. The casting director called my name and I quickly inhaled and exhaled. I closed my eyes as thought of my family. From the moment the door opened, I immediately smiled and showed my best as possible. Suddenly, I felt natural to perform my lines which surprised me that I did not forget a single line. After my audition, I was nervous and cannot wait to hear the result. It drove me crazy! About two days later, my manager texted me to meet up. Right away, we met up with the interpreter and talked business stuff at the restaurant. Suddenly, the manager's cellphone rang. We all looked at each other for few seconds. She picked it up and screamed in front of entire people! "You made it" "A Co Star!" It just blew my mind. I was surprised and speechless. I was crying and having goosebumps on my skin. It was an amazing news."

What can fans of the show expect from this season on Switched At Birth? How will "Natalie" affect the show?
"I am sure you guys already knew Natalie was really mean to Bay in the beginning. Now she is nice to Bay so far. Natalie affect the show a lot of dramas!" 

What has been your favorite experience so far from being on the show? 
"My favorite experience is put a mask "character" on me to act completely a different person. Also, I always enjoy to hang out and chat with the cast and crew on set! They are fun to work with! :)"

What's an interesting fact about you that many people may not know?
"Well, I grew up on a small farm in South Jersey and yes there are still chicken, ducks, rabbits and peacocks walk around in backyard. We have goats too, I am not sure if I forget anything else. Haha. I am a huge animal lover!"

That was the last question! I want to thank you so much for speaking with me today. Do you have any last thoughts or comments to your fans?
"Fans, thank you so much for supporting and cheering! You guys mean a lot to me! Be sure to watch every Monday night on ABC Family Switched at Birth 8pm. My Twitter @modelstella and Facebook page Model Stella. Thank you again! Love you guys! Mwahs! <3"

Stephanie Nogueras is represented by Deafinit Models & Talent  (www.deafinitmodels.com)
-Jay P-


Jade said...

I just started watching this show because of you. I love her character :)

Anonymous said...

Omg thank you for doing this! I asked a few months ago but I didn't think you saw my tweet. You're the best. I LOVE her she is so pretty. Tell her I said hi please!!!!

RachLynn said...

She is perfecttt. Thank you for doing this for us Jay :) love you and your family so much. she is amazing on SAB ABC KEEP HER

Ally Gerst said...

Your cousin is inspiration for all of deaf community. I want to be actress on TV someday.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I was afraid you wouldn't notice my comment to interview her. She is doing great. I am happy for her

Anonymous said...

love this intervieww

Tyana said...

she plays a character with so much attitude but she seem real nice. thats cool. ya family is amazing tho. first you, then your nfl cousin and now this cousin. luckyy