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I recently had the chance to catch up with Juliet Simms! I first interviewed Juliet back at the 2010 Warped Tour,where she was performing with Automatic Loveletter. Since then, she has placed second on The Voice, and began a solo career. What's next for the talented singer? Find out what we talked about below!

Hi Juliet! Thanks for speaking with me today. First, can you please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself?
"Of course! Thanks for speaking with me:) Wellllll..what can I say? I've been singing since I can remember. Grew up in a very rock n' roll musical family which is where my classic rock sound comes from. I started performing by 4 yrs old and touring at 15. I play piano but mainly guitar and write almost everyday. Music is second nature for me and I really love nothing more. I'm a total foodie,I'll try almost anything, I have two tuxedo kitties,a wonderful Boyfriend, I don't have a favorite color cause my mind changes too much, I'm blunt,have a lot of fire and do not enjoy long walks on the beach ;)"

When did you first really fall in love with music and see it as a career path?
"Like I said above. I can't remember not singing or wanting to do this. It's been my dream my entire life."

Tell us a bout Automatic Loveletter. How did the band first form? How did you guys stand out in the crowd, what made your band unique?
"I formed the band as a teenager sitting on my bed with an acoustic guitar haha. The bands life span had a constant change in band members,so that's one way we were different haha. I think we stood out by our sound. Even tho we were clumped into the AP scene we still had a more universal style of writing, a bit more classic rock and soul. And as far as female lead singers went, I think I was a little more risqué, I liked to come up with trends first and push the boundaries a bit."

When you decided to audition for The Voice was that a tough decision? Did your band mates support you?
"I decided in the summer of 2011. I was on the Vans Warped tour. I was touring acoustically as Automatic Loveletter off the record "The Kids Will Take Their Monsters On" and they actually approached me to come try out. At first I was a sceptic. I NEVER considered doing a singing competition show because I was always under the mentality of doing it the real,organic and rough way. After watching the first season I started to change my mind and actually spoke with CEO of Warped Tour about it, Kevin Lyman. Kevin over the years has become a good friend and always gave me great advice so I trusted his guidance. With that said, he urged me to go for it. So I did :)"

You recently released your single "Wild Child," which is awesome by the way! What was it like working on that song? Did you know exactly what sound you were going for?
"Thank you!! It was really great! Ya know, it was different than anything I've ever done which excited me. The sound I was going for was a marriage between a few elements. I wanted to stay true to my rock roots,integrate pop but keep it edgy."

What can you tell us about your solo project? What can fans expect from your debut album? Do you have a general idea of when it will be released?
"Fans can expect heart,soul, honest lyrics, emotion and depth. What I see in music today is not the same as when I was growing up. The female rock stars that inspired me as a little girl are due the second generation versions of themselves. I would like to be one of them."

With all the success of your solo career thus far, where does Automatic Loveletter stand? Will you still be working together as a band?
"ALL is just on pause. I totally foresee a reunion record,tour etc. This is just the next level for me right now and I want to step up on it!"

We first met back at the 2010 Warped Tour in Camden, NJ, where I interviewed Automatic Loveletter. You guys were actually my second in person interview at that time, so first, I would like to thank you for that opportunity! Since you have been in the music industry for so long, what advice can you give to someone interested in entering the music business? 
"Awe thank YOU! I would say go in with guns blazn', know who you are,where you wanna be and don't let people tell you that you can't. It's a tough industry and only the tigers survive. I just got way too serious haha. Honestly the best advice I can give is practice,don't stop practicing ever,be the best, record,play shows,network and seize all opps that come your way. Or do what I did and sneak onto tours."

What's an interesting fact about you that many people may not know?
"Hmmmmm..I pretty much put everything out there. Things people don't know about me they don't know about for good reason ;) haha (cryyyyyyptic)"

That was the last question! Thank you again so much for taking the time to do the interview. Do you have any last thoughts or comments for your fans?
"Thank you for all your long years of support. I love you with my whole <3"

Be sure to follow Juliet on twitter @JulietSimmsALL! Click HERE to see my 2010 interview with Automatic Loveletter.
-Jay P-


Anonymous said...

amazing interview! you are so good at this and Juliet is so nice. I remember when you first met her.

Pete said...

I really thought she would win. her voice is insane!! I love Wild Child

Jade said...

She's incredible. I loved when she sang Roxanne

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Anonymous said...

awww if Automatic Loveletter came back I would be so happy :) very proud of her though.

KateTheGreat said...

you are so lucky. you have the coolest life ever. and im cracking up at your first interview with them!

Anonymous said...

AHH this is so cool to see how far you have both come. From your interview with ALL to Juliet, you have grown and become so much better. you are one of my favorite bloggers ever.

Anonymous said...

haha juliet has always been something special. glad she is getting her own spotlight now