Vote Luke Bilyk For a KCA Nomination !

Most of you know this, but to my newer readers, I interviewed Luke Bilyk (Drew Torres on Degrassi) a while back, and we have since then become friends. He and his family are honestly some of the nicest people that I have met through my website and I am very lucky to call them friends!

Luke Bilyk is currently in the running on a prominent blog to see who deserves a  Kids Choice Awards nomination! He really deserves this, and that would be amazing to see him recieve the nomination. Please click HERE and vote for Luke Bilyk!
-Jay P- 


Anonymous said...

AW You two are still friends!? I miss when you went to Canada and hung out with him :) Your friendship was really cool. It's nice to see you guys are still okay. I know sometimes people have falling outs especially in the spotlight world. I voted for him!

Jade said...


Anonymous said...

i was sooo happy when he RT'd you about the interview. I'm glad you guys still keep in touch and i cannot wait for the follow up When will it be?

Karen said...

Voted :)