New Destiny's Child !?

One of the top girl groups of all time, Destiny's Child, is set to release a new album! Well...sort of. Beyonce annoucned earlier today that Destiny's Child will be releasing a greatest hits album titled Love Songs. The album will feature hits such as, Cater 2 U, Brown Eyes, Temptation, Say My Name, and a new song titled Nuclear

I'm very excited to hear the new song! I just wish they would've actually got back together for an album. I think that would be really cool. It seems like 2013 will be a good year for Beyonce. Not only does she have this album coming out, but she's also working on a solo album, she just signed a $50 million deal with Pepsi, and she will be headlining at The Super Bowl. 

Be sure to purchase Love Songs on Jan 29th.
-Jay P- 


EEeeEE said...

:( They need a WHOLE NEW album. That would be hot

Shanel said...

Dey jux need to get back togetha

Anonymous said...

i heard they are performing at the suprbowl that would be wowza!

Anonymous said...

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