Idol Auditions - Week 2

The second week of American Idol auditions has come to a close! I found two more contestants that I believe have a star quality voice, and who will go far in this competition. The first is Burnell Taylor! I loved his tone and his song choice. I want to a see a little more from before I make a final judgment, but I believe he'll go far.

Now! Candice Glover is incredible! I remember her from last year because she was in a group with Jessica Sanchez. I loved her voice last year and I was actually following her on YouTube and other social media sites. I noticed that she really improved and I'm so glad to see her back on the show. She's definitely one to watch! I believe she can make it to the very end. Who were your favorites?
-Jay P-


Anonymous said...

Candice for the Winn!!!!

Jade said...

they're both really good :) Should be a great year!

Anonymous said...