Beyonce Puts to Rest the Lip Synching Drama

This is why I seriously love Beyonce and always will! How does she respond to everyone criticizing her for lip synching during the inauguration?  She just belts out a live a capella rendition at her next public event; that's how!

Check out Beyonce's performance of the National Anthem at a Super Bowl press conference. She ends the performance by saying "any questions?" 

Do not mess with Queen Bey! She will not stand for people criticizing her vocals. Shout out to her for doing this and proving everyone wrong.
-Jay P-

GRAMMY Performer List Continues to Grow

Oh how I wish I could attend the 55th Grammy Awards! The line-up of performers is growing each day, and it looks like we'll all be in for a treat!

So far, performers include acts such as Frank Ocean, Miranda Lambert, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, the Lumineers, and many more! 

Ed Sheeran will be teaming up with Elton John, and Alicia Keys will take the stage with Maroon 5 for a special performance!

Be sure to tune in Sunday, February 10th at 8pm ET/PT on CBS for a spectacular show!
-Jay P- 


Justin Bieber Fail

Okay...I'm not sure if you saw Justin Bieber's "performance" of his "acoustic version" of Boyfriend on The Ellen Show earlier today, but as soon as I saw it I knew that I had to blog about it. I'm sure I'll get some hate for this, but I'm not criticizing this performance because it's a Justin Bieber performance...I'm criticizing this performance because it's terrible.

I tend to keep it real on Jay Swag and we all know that if I think a performance is bad I'll make it known. Bieber isn't getting special treatment. His vocals were shaky and flat throughout the majority of the performance...not to mention his nonexistent "falsetto." I'm not really sure what happened to the Biebs here but if he continues to perform like this, his career will be over by the end of 2013. You can quote me on that if you'd like. 

I really want you to comment below and let me know what you think of the performance. Seriously though, close your eyes and listen to it. Imagine this is somebody singing Boyfriend on a show like American Idol...would you send them to Hollywood? Lets be honest.
-Jay P- 

Tamar Braxton - Love and War Music Video

So I know I'm super late with this, (I'm sorry!!!), but check out Tamar Braxton's official music video for her hit single, Love and War. I'm still in awe of Tamar's voice on this song. She can really sing, and I've yet to find someone who can cover this song and do it justice.
Now as far as the music video goes...I think they did an incredible job as well! It's a simple, but beautiful  black and white video that tells the story perfectly. If Tamar and her team keep working at this level, I'm sure she will blow up very soon. What do you think of her music video?
-Jay P- 


Dylan Bernard Interviews with GIrlpez

Dylan recently sat down with a good friend of mine, Savannah Britt, to discuss his singing career, future plans, and a few fan experiences. Be sure to check out www.girlpez.com for even more interviews, and all of your fashion/beauty needs! Follow Savannah on Twitter @Sav_Britt
-Jay P-


Luke Bilyk Interview (Follow-Up)

Hey guys! I recently had the chance to catch up with my friend Luke Bilyk(you may know him as Drew Torres on Degrassi). I had a lot of fun with this interview and I'm pretty sure that shows! We talked about the new season of Degrassi, his favorite actor, and even if he's a belieber. Whenever I interview Luke it's always a good time. Thanks for taking the time to do the follow-up interview Luke! 

Be sure to follow Luke on Twitter @Lukebilyk1 
Also; check out my first interview with Luke from 2010! Just click HERE
-Jay P-

Dylan Bernard Covers "Too Close" By Alex Clare

Hey guys! Dylan recently covered Too Close by Alex Clare! I love this song and I think Dylan did an incredible job with it. I love watching Dylan's grow and develop as an artist. He's definitely finding his sound and I couldn't be more proud of him. I hope you guys love this cover as much as I do! Be sure to follow Dylan on Twitter @DTBMuzic and check out his website, www.dylanbernardmusic.com for exclusive updates and videos!
-Jay P- 


Nicole Scherzinger - Boomerang

 Nicole Scherzinger has been struggling to earn a fan base ever since the Pussycat Dolls broke up, and she's back at it again. Check out her brand new music video for her latest single Boomerang

Will the upbeat pop track be Nicole's first hit as a solo artist? Let me know what you think!
-Jay P-


Idol Auditions - Week 2

The second week of American Idol auditions has come to a close! I found two more contestants that I believe have a star quality voice, and who will go far in this competition. The first is Burnell Taylor! I loved his tone and his song choice. I want to a see a little more from before I make a final judgment, but I believe he'll go far.

Now! Candice Glover is incredible! I remember her from last year because she was in a group with Jessica Sanchez. I loved her voice last year and I was actually following her on YouTube and other social media sites. I noticed that she really improved and I'm so glad to see her back on the show. She's definitely one to watch! I believe she can make it to the very end. Who were your favorites?
-Jay P-


Josh Duhamel to Host the 2013 Kid's Choice Awards

It's almost the time of year when celebrities are okay with getting slime dumped all over them on national television. That's right! It's almost time for the Kid's Choice Awards

Fergie's husband, Josh Duhamel, has been named the host of the 2013 Kid's Choice Awards! Duhamel will be hosting the 26th KCA's on March 23rd. 

He's been slimed himself so I'm sure he'll be interested in sliming as many people as he can. Will you be watching the Kids' Choice Awards?
-Jay P- 


Selena Gomez Covers "Cry Me A River"

Remember when Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up, and Justin performed Cry Me A River? Well...Selena decided to respond and perform the same exact song! Check it out above. Now, for the question of the day...who sang it better? Justin or Selena? Comment and let me know!
-Jay P- 


New JaySwagTV & Dylan Covers!

BAM! This may be a little overwhelming but I have a lot to share with you guys today!

First, check out the new JaySwagTV episode! Dylan and I will be doing Q&A's  once a month(most likely more towards the end of the month). You'll be able to ask us questions and we'll answer them in a video like we did above. Thank you to everyone who submitted a question. They were great!

Next up! Dylan did a short a capella cover of Adele's Rolling in the Deep. I love this song and I really think Dylan's voice suits it perfectly. 

Lastly, Dylan also covered I'm Yours by Jason Mraz. This is definitely one of my favorite songs of all time. I love Jason Mraz and I feel as though this is the kind of artist that Dylan is meant to be. He's been singing this song for so long now, and I'm glad that we finally got a cover up for you guys! Enjoy! Check out Dylan's official website, www.dylanbernardmusic.com
-Jay P- 


American Idol Talk !

The first week of American Idol has come to an end, and I must say I actually like the new judges panel. I think they all feed off each other very well, and even though the producers are pitting Mariah and Nicki against each other, I do enjoy the little bickering between the two. 

I do have a favorite audition so far, and that audition belongs to Kez Ban! Everything about this audition is superb. I was not expecting her to be any good, but as soon as she sang I knew that something special had happened. I don't believe she will win the show, but I hope this is her big break.

What do you guys think of the new season of American Idol?  Do you like the new judges? Who are your favorite contestants so far? Comment below!
-Jay P- 


Vote Luke Bilyk For a KCA Nomination !

Most of you know this, but to my newer readers, I interviewed Luke Bilyk (Drew Torres on Degrassi) a while back, and we have since then become friends. He and his family are honestly some of the nicest people that I have met through my website and I am very lucky to call them friends!

Luke Bilyk is currently in the running on a prominent blog to see who deserves a  Kids Choice Awards nomination! He really deserves this, and that would be amazing to see him recieve the nomination. Please click HERE and vote for Luke Bilyk!
-Jay P- 

Jay Swag TV Q&A

(Stephanie Nogueras Photography)

Hey guys! Dylan and I haven't done a Q&A in a while so we'll be answering your questions this week for our next video blog! I'm sure most of you know the deal by now, but for my new readers all you have to do is comment on this post anonymously with a question for Dylan and myself, and we will answer you in a video! Now, we may not answer every question because we've noticed that our vlogs are getting to be a little too long. I think I want to start doing this once a month, so if we don't get to your question this time around, there's always next month. Anyway, submit questions quickly! We're recording the video tomorrow. Thanks for everything!
-Jay P- 


Kalin and Myles Interview

Check out my interview with current YouTube Sensation's Kalin and Myles! With a fan base that is growing each day, it won't be long before these two blow up. Check out what they had to say below!

Hi guys! Thanks for speaking with me today. First, can you please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself?
“Wussup! Thanks for the interview! We are Kalin and Myles from the Bay Area, CA. We write, produce and record our own music xD”

So when did you guys get together to form your group? How would you describe the relationship between you two?
We got together April of 2011 randomly to collab and that's when we made our first song "More Than Friends" The relationship between us is very energetic, focused, and pretty hilarious at times. We're just some young ambitious kids with a dream, enjoying the journey.”

If you had to describe your sound to someone who never heard your music, what would you say about it? What music artist do you most identify with?
The closest way we could describe our sound is like "Hip-Pop"  its very Pop based but has a Club/Hip-Hop feel to it. I guess like a clean lyrics New Boyz(big fan of them) but with a singer haha kinda..”

You're quickly gaining momentum on YouTube. You have already amassed more than 8000 subscribers, and close to 1.5 million video views. Why do you think this is? What sets you apart from the other artists that post music on the internet?
“Wow thank you! We really don't like to compare ourselves to other artists but what I think has been helping our journey is that we're not really waiting for something to happen, for something to just put us on, we like the grind and having to work for it. It's a lot closer relationship with our fans too, and they’re a big part of our success.”

Now that the new year has began, what are your plans for 2013? What would you like to see yourselves accomplish by the end of the year?
“For 2013 we definitely want to travel and get to meet as many fans as we can. Also we'd like to have another project or EP or album out this year. Spread the music around a lot more. And for the most part just get to perform, the interaction and energy from the live shows is incredible.”

Tell us about your daily life. Is it hard to balance all of your responsibilities?
“Kalin still has to finish school and he works which can be difficult at times to stay on top of everything but for the most part its not too bad. Myles doesn't really do anything haha he just makes beats and handles a lot of the business side to the music. But we both like to kick it with girls, we can always find time for that :P”

If you weren't doing music, what do you think you would be pursuing right now?
“Well before Kalin started really getting into the music he played Basketball so thats probably where he'd be at. Myles had a lot of fun with TV and Film classes in High School so he'd most likely fall somewhere in the Film Industry.”

What's an interesting fact about you that many people may not know?
“Myles is a gerbil with a snooki poof. And Kalin is actually an Extra-Terrestrial Alien.”

If you could work with one artist out there who would it be and why?
“Kalin has looked up too Chris Brown since like the 5th grade and has a lot of respect for his work ethic, so to collab with him would be a very surreal experience. Niles from The Cataracs! He is a big inspiration for Myles, seeing how he started just messing around with beats and made it happen all from a low-budget home studio. Gives Myles hope *prayer hands*”

That was the last question. I want to thank you guys again for doing the interview. Do you have any last thoughts or comments for your fans? 
“No problem, thanks again to you too Jay P! To the fans we just wanna say THANK YOU for continuing to support us we couldn't do this without yall! Shout out the KAMFAM, WE IN THIS THANG! YEE!”

Be sure to check out their YouTube page at www.youtube.com/omgisthatmyles and follow them on Twitter @KalinandMyles. Check out their individual twitters @KalinWhite and @YourBoyMyles
-Jay P-


Destiny's Child - Nuclear

Check out Destiny's Child's new single Nuclear that will appear on the groups newest album Love Songs. I'm not sure how I feel about the song. It may grow on me, but right now it's just average.

What do you think of the groups latest song? Will it be as big as their other songs? I guess we'll have to see just how much reaction they get when they perform this at the Super Bowl this year!
-Jay P- 


Ciara - Wake Up Turn Up

I'm really done with Ciara. The "singer" recently released her latest track titled Wake Up Turn Up produced by Mike WiLL hoping to revive her career. Unfortunately, for me, it didn't work.

The song is very basic and, in my opinion, a weaker version of Ciara and Nicki Minaj's song I'm Legit. I think Ciara should stick with dancing. She is very talented in that area, but as far as singing goes, I believe her career is over. 

I'll give her an A for effort, but it's definitely time to regroup and redefine her image. She's a beautiful girl and she may even benefit from a few acting classes. That way she could get into acting and modeling. There's room for Ciara in the industry, but singing is not for her.
-Jay P- 


Dylan Bernard Interview with Never Jaded

Hey guys! So Dylan was recently interviewed by @TishaGotGame of Never Jaded! Check out his interview at www.neverjaded.com, or just click the picture. It's a great write up and I'm sure you will learn so much more about Dylan, and maybe even a little bit about myself!

Also, be sure to check out Dylan's brand new website, www.dylanbernardmusic.com for all things Dylan! I'll be posting his covers, interviews, and even messages from Dylan every once in a while. Thank you for all of the support.
-Jay P- 


New Destiny's Child !?

One of the top girl groups of all time, Destiny's Child, is set to release a new album! Well...sort of. Beyonce annoucned earlier today that Destiny's Child will be releasing a greatest hits album titled Love Songs. The album will feature hits such as, Cater 2 U, Brown Eyes, Temptation, Say My Name, and a new song titled Nuclear

I'm very excited to hear the new song! I just wish they would've actually got back together for an album. I think that would be really cool. It seems like 2013 will be a good year for Beyonce. Not only does she have this album coming out, but she's also working on a solo album, she just signed a $50 million deal with Pepsi, and she will be headlining at The Super Bowl. 

Be sure to purchase Love Songs on Jan 29th.
-Jay P- 


Mariah Carey VS Nicki Minaj

I really thought this story was old news. It happened so long ago, and I actually forgot about it. I want to know why Mariah Carey and Barbara Walters felt the need to discuss the Nicki Minaj issue during their interview. Anyway, watch the interview above to see Mariah talk about her feud with fellow American Idol judge, Nicki Minaj. 

Both of them are acting childish in my opinion  I guess they forgot they recorded a song together not too long ago? I'm sorry, but are both of you that desperate for press? 
-Jay P- 


One Direction Launches "Kiss You" Music Video

One Direction has launched the official music video for Kiss You. Check it out above and be sure to let me know what you think!
-Jay P- 

Baby Kimye

I held off talking about this for as long as I could, but between the tweets and just my friends and family asking me about my personal opinion, I felt the need to blog about it. 

It's no surprise that Kim Kardashian is pregnant with Kanye West's baby. When I first read it on Twitter at like 2 in the morning, I didn't believe it. I thought it was just one of the countless rumors that Twitter users create to gain followers. The next morning I found out that it was true.

 At this point I just don't really know what to think. This will definitely be the end of Kim's "career." With a child in her life, she's going to lose her image as the "it girl" and become "the mom." Kanye will also have to straighten up his act and change from the "unpredictable rapper," and become "the father." 

I am happy for them, but I believe the timing is just wrong. I know they've been friends for years, but they probably should have dated for longer. In addition to that, having a baby will put pressure on their relationship and possibly force them into marriage, which is the last thing that Kim needs right now.

Well...there you have it. Congratulations Kim and Kanye. Best of luck!
-Jay P- 

Jay Swag TV - Christmas/New Year's Vlog

We're back! Just as we promised, here is our video blog about Christmas and New Year's. I hope you all had a safe and fun holiday season. Be sure to comment/rate/subscribe and leave some suggestions for our next vlog!
-Jay P- 


Dylan Bernard "The A-Team" Cover

Hey everyone! Check out Dylan's latest cover of The A-Team by Ed Sheeran! I know that he posted a cover of this earlier, but we felt like redoing it. We both believe that this version is much better and we hope you all enjoy it! Please comment/rate/subscribe. Feel free to leave song suggestions. 

Also; be on the look out for Dylan's interviews coming soon. He's on a tiny press tour and I will definitely be tweeting and posting the interviews here so you can check them out!
-Jay P-


YouTube Artist of the Month - Natalie Bermudez

This month's YouTube Artist of the month is a good friend of mine. Her name is Natalie Bermudez  and she is a 19-year-old singer/songwriter from New Jersey. Her tone is so unique and I love what she does with every song that she sings. 

Be sure to check her out on YouTube for weekly videos every Wednesday. Follow her on Twitter @NatalieKristal  AND check out www.nataliebermudez.com for all of her upcoming shows!
-Jay P- 


Stephanie Nogueras Talks About Her Role On Switched At Birth

Hey everyone! I just wanted to share this quick interview that my cousin, Stephanie Nogueras, did the other day, in regards to her new role on ABC Family's Switched At Birth. Stephanie will be playing the character of "Natalie" and will make her first appearance on the season opener on Monday, January 7th. Make sure you tune into to support my cousin and the rest of the amazing cast!
-Jay P-