X Factor Boot Camp Battles

X Factor has started doing "battle rounds" similar to The Voice in which two artists compete with each other by singing the same song, and attempt to out sing the other. My favorite battle so far was definitely Carly Rose Sonenclar vs Beatrice Miller. It's hard to believe that these girls are just 13-years-old. They both sing with experience that is way beyond their age. I do believe Carly Rose won the battle, but I was very impressed with Beatrice's tone.

The most dramatic battle of the night was certainly between Paige Thomas and CeCe Frey. These two have been heavy competitors and rivals since the season started and the producers knew what they were doing by pitting them against each other. It created a very dramatic scenario and I know fans of the show loved seeing them battle. Unfortunately, I thought their battle was very anti-climactic. Neither of them impressed me vocally. They are both talented singers and I've seen them do so much but better but to be honest I would send them both home after last night's performance. What did you guys think?
-Jay P-


Unknown said...

You too? I didn’t think Paige and CeCe were terribly impressive either. I suspect both of them will be going on with the 24 since so many people did so poorly, but I doubt either one of them will win. Some of the guys are most impressive this time, along with little Carly Rose. I’m so glad though that I discovered The X Factor on my PrimeTime Anytime recordings, because all of my DISH coworkers talked about it. I never had the opportunity to watch it until it was waiting for me on my DVR, since all of the evening shows on the networks record for me.

Anonymous said...

Carly is one of my favorites too! I have to agree though. Paige and Cece were just boring and off key

Chris said...

the two "diva" both messed up hated them