The Voice - Trevin Hunte vs. Amanda Brown

This may just be the most amazing vocal battle I've ever seen! The battle rounds began last night on The Voice, and the singers came out fighting. Most of the battles were actually really entertaining, but the last one was really something special. Trevin Hunte and Amanda Brown, two of my favorites so far, were put against each other and given Mariah Carey's Vision of Love to sing. What happened after that was Voice history. The two singers belted out an incredible rendition of the song. Cee Lo picked Trevin, but Amanda was "stolen" by Adam. I would've personally picked Amanda as the winner but they were both amazing. One of them will win this entire competition.
-Jay P- 


Unknown said...

This was a really good battle and I thought that both contestants really brought their best. Trevin really impressed me with his vocal range and his ability to hit those high notes without straining. Amanda just has a natural sweetness and power to her voice that came across loud and clear in this particular song. I caught the show on my Hopper late last night and thanks to the timer I didn’t miss the first battle round. Vision of love is one of my favorite songs by Mariah Carey and I’m glad that they didn’t butcher the song, but rather elevated it to a new level. My DISH co-worker was rooting for Amanda but I really couldn’t choose. I liked them both very much and I’m glad that I didn’t have to choose the winner in this case.

Megan said...

I cried watching this. it was so goooood

Anonymous said...

omg that was the most amazing thing i ever saw