Melanie Amaro "Fails Me Now"

I really don't want to write this post because I loved Melanie Amaro on X Factor but I can't lie to you guys either. What in the world is this!? Melanie Amaro released the music video for her song "Don't Fail Me Now," and it reminded me of how much I disliked the song. 

First, the song is catchy, don't get me wrong, but Melanie Amaro is so much better than this! There's too much auto-tune in this song and the video just makes it even worse. I know that she can't always sing ballads, but there's a way to sing upbeat songs and still show that you are more than an auto-tune pop singer. Sorry Melanie but this just doesn't cut it for me! I know you are way better than this. I'm expecting a little more from you. I hope you can impress us with your next song/video.
-Jay P- 

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Gabriele said...

its marvelous! what are you talking about?