Justin Bieber Pranks Fans: Released Beauty And A Beat Music Video

Here it is guys! Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj released the music video for Beauty And A Beat. The video is great, the song is great, and the prank was even greater!

All of you beliebers know that Justin claimed his laptop was stolen and the person who stole it was threatening to leak footage of Bieber that would "ruin" his career today. I, along with the rest of the media world, pretty much caught onto this as a PR stunt and had fun playing along. I'm sure most of you realized this as well, especially when Nicki Minaj tweeted for all her barbz to be ready for a big announcement. Anyway, great job to Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj on the video, and the viral marketing tactic. It was very genius to be honest, and whoever came up with it is amazing at what they do! I hope you enjoy the video.
-Jay P- 


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Jade said...

Hahaha that was really funny actually. The video is so cool though :)

BeliebersUnite said...

i was so scaredd i thought they were going to release something bad. dont do that justin :( but its okay because you made up for it with the video.

Anonymous said...

best video ive ever seen <3333 we love you justin