Jay Swag TV EP 7

We're back! I hope you like our latest video blog. We answered a bunch of your questions. Make sure you watch till the very end for the bloopers! Also, we received a comment that said the following;

"You guys inspire me so much. This isn't a question but thank you for being amazing and so open with everyone. It can't be easy to pretty much live your lives on a blog for everyone to see and judge. You guys are so brave for talking about your falling out and letting us into such a personal thing. You are so successful and I want to wish you both the best of luck and also thank you again for inspiring me."

We responded to that comment, but for some reason my memory card did not save the whole video. 
Basically, we are so grateful for your comment. You do not know how much that means to the both of us. We seriously do this because of people like you. The fact that we can inspire you, inspires both of us to continue working our hardest. Of course, at times it is not easy to live our lives for everyone to see, but knowing that it's helping at least one person makes it all worth it. It's not you who should be thanking us, but it's us who should be thanking you. You guys make all of the hard work worth it.
-Jay P- 


Jade said...

LOL you guys are SO funny. I know you're tired of hearing it but I love your bromance hahaha

Anonymous said...

aw it sounds like you guys had a really amazing summer. i wish my summer could've been so fun. im jealous of you guys :) but seriously love you and i hope you both become even more famous very soon. <3 i remember when dylan FIRST was a part of the website YEARS ago. now look at you. you both have been through so much together. there's no way you wont be stars. and like that other person said. you inspire me so much. your friendship is something really special and its very admirable. everyone wants to have a real friend like that. i cant wait to see you both on my tv screen

Swaggiessssss said...

i love yaa. Swag nation 4ever .

Anonymous said...

when is Dylan going to put up another cover?

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with you two. <3 your friendships so cute.