Happy Birthday Jay Swag

I usually don't write posts like this, and I'm also a little late with this one, but anyway I wanted to write about Jay Swag turning 4 years old, and me turning 19!

I cannot believe that it's been four years since I first began this blog. I never thought that it would become what it has and I cannot thank you guys enough for all of your support. Thanks to my readers I've been able to interview tons of celebrities, recording artists, YouTube stars, and other notable personalities. I've been featured on different websites and even in a book! Honestly, if you told me four years ago that I would accomplish all of this by the time I turned 19, I probably would've laughed. When I sit down and think about everything, it's all still very surreal to me. 

Things are just getting started. This year is going to be my biggest, most important year yet. I have so many opportunities lined up, not only for myself, but for Dylan also. I hope that you all stick around for this journey that we are about to embark on because things are about to get very interesting!

Enjoy the above pictures taken over the course of the past few years. It's so funny how much things have changed! Happy Birthday to Jay Swag Entertainment News and myself(even though the correct date is October 19th)!.
-Jay P- 


Anonymous said...

This actually brings a tear to my eye :') lol I feel like we watched your grow up. Well I guess we did. We grew up with you. Happy Birthday

Jade said...


Anonymous said...

Jenna Sousa, Luke Bilyk, Angela Johnson, Melinda Shankar, Your cousin that models, RichA, Lexxi Saal and of course your bromance Dylan Bernard...I'd say you've gotten some great memories right there in that pic :)

Kate Brown said...

i dont know u and i probably never will but u really changed my life. ur journey is so inspiring and u really made me want to follow my dreams. (: i cant wait till the day that everyone knows your name and who you are.

Anonymous said...

I love you! Happy Birthday and congratulations on all your successess so far. This is really just the start for you and for Dylan too. You are so lucky to get to work with your bestie

Anonymous said...

awwies the pictures are adorable. i cant believe how much you've grown. LOL look at little dylan and little jayp i lOVE it