YouTube Artist of the Month - Lexxi Saal

This month's YouTube Artist of the Month is a talented 15 year old singer by the name of Lexxi Saal! She was one of the singers who performed at Christian Beadles 2012 Meet and Greet Tour. I love her voice and I knew that I had to feature her. Her latest cover is Alicia Keys' Girl On Fire, with which she does an amazing job! I'm hoping to set up an interview with her soon so I'll keep you all posted and give you more information as soon as I find out. Be sure to subscribe to her and follow her on Twitter @LexxiSaal.
-Jay P- 


Anonymous said...

wow i love her voice!

Lexxinator said...

Her voice is amazing :) This is her best cover

Jade said...

she's great! hey I was just wondering when you and Dylan are doing another video blog?