X Factor Stand Out - Jessica Espinoza

I'm not sure if you guys are following The X Factor, but if you are then you already saw Jessica Espinoza's emotional performance of Nobody Knows by Pink. She's definitely one of my favorite performers this season. Her voice is nowhere near perfect, but she puts so much emotion into her performance that it really makes you want to keep watching. I hope she goes far.

That being said, I've been watching X Factor since it's season premiered last week and I'm a little disappointed. I've yet to find anyone who matches up to Melanie Amaro, Rachel Crow, or Stacy Francis. It seems like the talent level has dropped a lot this year. Maybe they're just waiting for the next few episodes but I really hope they step up their game. What do you think of this season?
-Jay P-


Kristina said...

i love her voice but i think u r right. no one is as good as last year yet. maybe it will change

Anonymous said...

Love you!! When are you and Dylan doing a video blog?