MTV VMA's Fall Short In My Eyes

I hate to say it, but for me at least, this year's VMA's were nothing special. I wasn't happy with the winners of most of the awards, and I thought the line-up was pretty weak. Most of the performances were just mediocre. 

The only stand out moment was Alicia Keys performing "Girl On Fire" with Nicki Minaj. I love this song, I love Nicki's verse, and I love how Gabby Douglas was on stage performing too! This was definitely the highlight of the VMA's to me, and to many of my friends.  Also, why did Taylor Swift close the show? They definitely could've gotten a better performer for that. 

 Not everything was negative though. I really did enjoy Kevin Hart as the host. I feel that he did a great job keeping everyone entertained. His jokes were funny, and his energy could be felt through the TV screen. I loved how he touched on subjects that many people would be scared to even go near. Overall, A+ for Kevin Hart. 

 Aside from that, everything else was boring. I honestly couldn't even tell you what happened unless I watched it again. Sorry MTV, but you're going to have to do better next year!
-Jay P-


Anonymous said...

i think they could be better too. especially if you were there

1D4EVER said...


Jade said...

I liked them actually! :)

Anonymous said...

Gabby is such an inspiration. She made the show this year