Ellen Scares Selena...Twice!

I love when Ellen scares her guests on her show and yesterday was just perfect! Check out Selena Gomez getting scared not once, but twice. You would think after the first one she would be a little more prepared but that is certainly not the case! 
-Jay P- 

*Update* In order to see the second scare video you have to go to Ellen's official YouTube page.


Dinah Jane - X Factor Favorite

Hey everyone! If you watched The X Factor last night then you saw Dinah Jane Hansen perform If I Were A Boy by Beyonce. I wanted to share her performance with you guys because it was that good.

Thus far, Dinah is my favorite singer in the competition. She has the look, personality and she certainly possesses the talent. Her tone is impeccable, and I believe she has a lot more to show. I feel like we haven't even scratched the surface with her voice. I'm very excited to watch her grow through the competition. Who are your favorites so far?
-Jay P- 


Lexxi Saal Interview

Hey everyone! As you know, I recently had the chance to hang out and interview Lexxi Saal! Check out our interview below. A big shout out to Lexxi's parents for making it happen, and also a shout out to her sister Brittany Saal, and their friend Katrina for coming up to meet us too! We had a great time.
-Jay P- 

Rihanna - Diamonds

Rihanna released the first single, Diamonds, off her seventh studio album (not yet titled). I'm a fan of the song! Honestly, I'm a big Rihanna fan and everything she does is so good to me. Diamonds is no exception! The song is set to a slower tempo than most of her music, but I love the track and I cannot wait for her next album. I think Rihanna has another hit on her hands! Are you fan?
-Jay P- 


The Voice Takes The Top Spot

Last night The Voice aired one of it's best episodes of all time! There was an incredible slew of talent on the show and I finally think that we will be in for a good season. Above is one of my favorite performances of the night, Michelle Brooks-Thompson's performance of Proud Mary. Give it a listen and let me know what you think!

In addition to her performance, I also loved Jordan Pruitt's performance of The One That Got Away by Katy Perry. The former Disney star came to The Voice for a second chance and she received the chance when Christina Aguilera turned her chair! I love Jordan's tone and when she goes into her head voice it's absolutely perfect. She's one to watch this season.

I was also a huge fan of Terisa Griffin's performance of Someone Like You by Adele. Although she started out  rocky once the chorus kicked in she was on point! With some coaching she can also be one of the top contenders for the title.

Last but not least, Dez Duron, who auditioned last season, returned to The Voice stage to sing Sara Smile. I'm glad to see him come back because I thought he deserved a chance last season. This time he was able to get Christina, Blake, and Cee Lo to turn their chairs! In the end he went with Christina. I'm very interested in seeing what she can do with him, and I want to see just how far he can go.

Well that's it for last night! This season of The Voice is looking to be a really good one so far. It's definitely winning over the X Factor in my opinion at least. 
-Jay P- 


Dylan Bernard Photo Shoot

Dylan recently had a photo shoot with a good friend of mine, Brianna Cutter! I wanted to share a few of the pictures with you guys. We had a great time doing the shoot and I can't wait to do another one. To see all the pictures go to www.facebook.com/officialjayswag or www.facebook.com/BriannaCutterPhotography

Be sure to check out Brianna on Facebook and her blog www.stereo-noise.tumblr.com !
-Jay P- 

Kwesi Boakye Interview

I recently had the chance to interview actor Kwesi Boakye! You may know him from Tyler Perry's I Can Do Bad All By Myself, or from the just released motion picture, Unconditional! Check out our interview below!

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. First, can you please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself?
"My name is Kwesi Boakye and you may know me from some of the projects I've done in the past like Tyler Perry's "I Can Do Bad All Myself" and some guest star roles on "Hawaii Five-O", "The Mentalist" etc... I'm really a fun loving kid who enjoys acting, reading, basketball, soccer and my playstation!"

You're so young but you already have so much experience in acting! When did you first get into acting and what made you want to do so?
"Funny story because I had no idea I was getting into acting, lol! I was 10 months old, minding my business in my stroller and my mom was shopping in the mall with me and my brothers and an agent approached her. My mom followed up and the rest is history!"

What was it like working in Tyler Perry's I Can Do Bad All By Myself? How did you like working alongside Tariji P Henson, Tyler Perry, and the rest of the star-studded cast?
"It was great working on Tyler Perry's set. He is actually a giant kid at heart! He loves to fly model planes so we would play on his computer and assimilate flying sometimes. Taraji would pinch me and my co-star Freddy's cheek every morning, so we would hide from her lol.. Adam was like a big bro, it was just like a giant family. When Madea showed up on set I couldn't stop laughing. It was not good for my scenes. Mr. Perry is an improv King and he taught me a lot!"

Your starring in the film Unconditional which will release on September 21st. Tell us a little bit about your role in the movie, and the filming process.
"My role in "Unconditional" is Macon. My character is very much has a little chip on his shoulder in the beginning. He hustles everyone to get what he needs because it's all he knows. Papa Joe (Michael Ealy's character) holds him accountable for his behavior like a parent, which creates a bond between them. Macon looks up to Papa Joe as the father he never had.
The filming process was smooth. I got to do a southern country accent and maintain it throughout, which was a good challenge for me. Hopefully I pulled it off!"

If you could work with any actor or actress in the world who would it be and why?
"Definitely Denzel Washington because he's amazing and consistently great in every movie he does. My dream is to earn some Academy Awards like him.
For an actress I will love to do an action film with Zoe Saldana like in "Colombiana"...that would be sweet!"

You also made an appearance at a "Back To School Bash" which helped raise money for families in need? Are you interested in doing more charity work? What charities would you like to work with in the future?
"The smiles on the kids faces made my heart feel good. I really want to do some charity work with the Boys and Girls Club, YMCAs and in Ghana West-Africa, my brothers and I are ambassadors for the leukemia project. I can't wait to go back to Africa and help raise money for the hospital they are building. One of my dreams is to be a UN Ambassador to represent kids all over the world, helping kids. My parents always talk me how God blesses us to be a blessing to others too."

What is your dream role?
"An action hero movie like "Spiderman" mixed with "Iron Man" and the suspense of "Mission Impossible" with Denzel Washington, Zoe Saldana and Tom Cruise."

If you weren't acting what would you want to do as a career?
"I don't know because I am only focused on wanting to do a lot more acting. I really love acting. It's like a part of me and I can't imagine not doing it. It's like I was born to do this. My parents always taught us not to believe in plan B, or else we will give plan A permission to fail." 

What's an interesting fact about you that many people may not know?
"Oh wow, you really want me to tell my secrets! Okay here goes, lol. I'm a PlayStation fanatic! I'm a fierce competitor on the basketball court and I'm the voice of Darwin Waterson in "The Amazing World of Gumball" lol"

Thanks again for doing the interview! Do you have any last thoughts or comments?
"Last thoughts would be please go see "Unconditional." It's a movie I'm really proud to be a part of and check me out as the voice of  Darwin Waterson in "The Amazing World of Gumball" on Cartoon Network on Tuesdays 7.30pm Thank you!"

-Jay P-


X Factor Stand Out - Jessica Espinoza

I'm not sure if you guys are following The X Factor, but if you are then you already saw Jessica Espinoza's emotional performance of Nobody Knows by Pink. She's definitely one of my favorite performers this season. Her voice is nowhere near perfect, but she puts so much emotion into her performance that it really makes you want to keep watching. I hope she goes far.

That being said, I've been watching X Factor since it's season premiered last week and I'm a little disappointed. I've yet to find anyone who matches up to Melanie Amaro, Rachel Crow, or Stacy Francis. It seems like the talent level has dropped a lot this year. Maybe they're just waiting for the next few episodes but I really hope they step up their game. What do you think of this season?
-Jay P-


Usher & Shakira Join The Voice

This is interesting to me! Just days after American Idol announced their new pannel of judges, NBC has announced that The Voice will also have a new lineup of judges for season 4! That's right; Usher and Shakira are officially joining the team. 

There are only four chairs though! So who will these two be replacing you ask? Well, after this season it has been confirmed that Cee Lo and Christina will not be returning to the show.

What do you think of the change? Are you happy with Usher and Shakira? Do you think that Cee Lo and Christina's departure will harm the show in anyway? Leave a comment with your thoughts!
-Jay P- 


American Idol Confirms Judges

American Idol has finally confirmed it's new pannel of judges for the upcoming season of the show. Randy Jackson will be joined by superstars Mariah Carey, Keith Urban, and Nicki Minaj!

I think it's a great lineup and I'm actually looking forward to this season now. I really think that the judges have a lot of talent, and their personalities should definitely make for interesting chemistry. I'm anxious to see how the judges work together and to see if the mesh together as well as the original pannel. Regardless, the fact that Nicki Minaj is a judge is reason enough for me to watch!

What do you think about the new lineup? Are you going to watch?
-Jay P- 


Preparing For A New Jay Swag TV EP

Hey guys! Dylan and I are doing another video blog this weekend and we want to answer some of your questions! Feel free to leave us some questions, but remember to ask them anonymously (we won't be answering every question this time and this way it's completely random). By the way, did you notice something about Dylan? He got his braces off! Well, we'll talk to you guys soon. Thanks for the support and stay tuned for our next video blog.
-Jay P- 


YouTube Artist of the Month - Lexxi Saal

This month's YouTube Artist of the Month is a talented 15 year old singer by the name of Lexxi Saal! She was one of the singers who performed at Christian Beadles 2012 Meet and Greet Tour. I love her voice and I knew that I had to feature her. Her latest cover is Alicia Keys' Girl On Fire, with which she does an amazing job! I'm hoping to set up an interview with her soon so I'll keep you all posted and give you more information as soon as I find out. Be sure to subscribe to her and follow her on Twitter @LexxiSaal.
-Jay P- 


MTV VMA's Fall Short In My Eyes

I hate to say it, but for me at least, this year's VMA's were nothing special. I wasn't happy with the winners of most of the awards, and I thought the line-up was pretty weak. Most of the performances were just mediocre. 

The only stand out moment was Alicia Keys performing "Girl On Fire" with Nicki Minaj. I love this song, I love Nicki's verse, and I love how Gabby Douglas was on stage performing too! This was definitely the highlight of the VMA's to me, and to many of my friends.  Also, why did Taylor Swift close the show? They definitely could've gotten a better performer for that. 

 Not everything was negative though. I really did enjoy Kevin Hart as the host. I feel that he did a great job keeping everyone entertained. His jokes were funny, and his energy could be felt through the TV screen. I loved how he touched on subjects that many people would be scared to even go near. Overall, A+ for Kevin Hart. 

 Aside from that, everything else was boring. I honestly couldn't even tell you what happened unless I watched it again. Sorry MTV, but you're going to have to do better next year!
-Jay P-


Mariah Carey Performs Triumphant

I missed Mariah Carey's performance last night at the NFL Kickoff Show so I had to look it up today...I'm extremely disappointed. She performed a few songs, but the above performance is her new single Triumphant (Get Em). I don't know what she was thinking but this was a huge mess! It doesn't help that I can't stand the song, but she didn't even sound good singing it.  I was hoping for something so much better. I love Mariah and I think she's one of the greatest female vocalists of all times, but this performance was extremely disappointing. Sorry if I offended and Mimi fans!
-Jay P- 


Goodbye Summer 2012 !

(Photo credit: Dylan Bernard) 

Well it's almost officially the end of my Summer vacation. I can't believe that I'm writing this post already. It seems like only yesterday that I sat on my high school's football field, on a Thursday evening, and received my diploma. Now, I'm sitting here, getting ready to begin college tomorrow. So much has happened for me this Summer and I want to share my experiences with you guys. Throughout this post I'll be discussing a bunch of different things, and sharing pictures from the past few months. I hope you guys enjoy!

(Dylan and I goofing around)

For the most part, as I'm sure most of you already know, I spent my Summer hanging out, and working with Dylan Bernard. Almost all of you already know who Dylan is, but for my newer readers, Dylan is my best friend, and the first artist that I signed to manage. Here's a little bit of our back story. Dylan and I became friends thanks to one of our mutual friends, who thought it would be a good idea for us to get to know each other. We became pretty close right away. Unfortunately, we did have a falling out. Most of you know this already, some of you have even used this against us. In all honesty, I probably shouldn't have told you about the falling out a few years ago, but when I did, I never thought it would come as far as it did. This is the final time I will address this (yes, I've said that before, but this time I'm being serious). I want to apologize for publicizing our fight. That being said, whether you want to believe it or not, we are still best friends. This Summer we've both grown and matured into better versions of our selves. Our work ethics have improved so much, and we are now on the right path. We want to thank you guys so much for your support, and we hope that you will stick with us as we embark on this crazy journey together!

(lol how annoying do I look in this picture?)

(Saying goodbye to Katie Jo)

This Summer has also taught me a lot about who my real friends are. Looking back, I've realized that my once large circle of friends, has become an extremely small dot. To be honest though, I prefer it that way. It was hard because most of my friends moved away to college this year. I had to say goodbye to some of my closest friends like Katie Jo(pictured above), and Kathy(pictured below). I've known them both for so long and watching them leave for college wasn't exactly my favorite thing to do. That being said, I know that they are going to both go on to do some amazing things. If any of my friends that have left for college are reading this, I want you guys to know that I'm wishing you all the best, and I know that you will be successful with whatever it is you wish to do. Thanks for being there for me guys!

 (Dylan, Kathy, and I hanging out at my house!)

(We look like mannequins! Dylan, Jenna, & Myself) 

Another great thing that happened for Dylan and I this Summer was getting to know Jenna Sousa! She's an amazing singer who I interviewed, and now we are both lucky enough to call her a friend. The above picture was taken when we went to visit Jenna in Rhode Island. We had such an awesome time hanging out and exploring...well I don't know if you can call it exploring since it is the smallest state in the country. Make sure you guys follow her on Twitter @Songlover6.

(The three of us on a mall adventure)

(Dylan & I on a youth group trip to Sea Isle)

I'm looking back on this post and I'm realizing that there is just way too much to talk about! This post barely scratches the surface of my Summer, but I hope you guys enjoyed this little glimpse into my life. Tomorrow is a big day for me! I'm moving on to the next chapter of my life and starting my first day of college. I'll be completely honest with you guys, I'm a little nervous, but I know that it's going to be a big stepping stone for me. Well, that pretty much sums it all up. Thank you for all your support. I'm excited to see what the future holds, and I'm glad that I can bring you all along with me!

*A message from Dylan* 
Hey guys! So this summer has been a lot fun, but also a lot of hard work. Starting off at about 8,000 views on YouTube at the start of this summer and ending with 14,240 views is pretty awesome. But, I wouldn't have been able to get this far without not only my manager who happens to be my best friend, but you guys, the fans! Just a quick throw out, for those who don't already, you can follow me on Twitter @DTBMuzic and on Keek @dylantbernardmusic! Other than that I had an amazing summer vacation. New York City, Rhode Island, Philadelphia! Definitely the most I've traveled during the summer! But, I just wanted to thank you guys for all of the support and love I get from you guys! It means the world to me. Make sure you guys stay tuned on my YouTube channel (youtube.com/dylantbernard) for some more covers and updates as to what I'm doing! I love you guys! #SWAGNATION 
-Jay P-

Get Low Music Video

Check out the music video for Get Low by Waka Flocka Flame, featuring Tyga, Flo Rida, and the reason I watched, Nicki Minaj! I'm a fan. I like Nicki's verse on it. Overall, it's a pretty good song. Let me know what you think of the song/video. I'd love to hear your thoughts.
-Jay P- 

Jessica Sanchez Debuts Fairy Tale

I just heard Jessica Sanchez's new single Fairy Tale and I had to share it with you all. Let me open up by saying that I am probably one of Jess' biggest supporters. I wholeheartedly believe that Jessica Sanchez is the greatest singer in the world right now, and is one of the best singers of all time. That being said, I'm not a fan of the song. Here's why;

I know that Jess is only 17, and so her songs have to reflect her age, but this song has absolutely no soul to it. How can you give one of the most soulful singers ever, a song with no flavor whatsoever. The song doesn't she any type of vocal ability, nor does it demonstrate her range. Also, one of my biggest problems is the fact that there's little to no vibrato. Jess' vibrato is perfect and that's definitely her trademark in my book. I don't want to sound like I'm hating because that's not the case. I just hope that Jess can follow her heart, and not do what everyone else is doing. She has what it takes to be remembered as a legend. She can sing power songs like Whitney and Mariah. I really hope her whole album isn't like this.

At the beginning of this video you can hear a little bit of her singing How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore by Prince. Now that's the type of stuff she should be singing! Are you a fan of Fairy Tale?
-Jay P-