Kendall and Libby Glazer Interview

Jay Swag's very own Malibu Mara recently got the chance to interview two young jewelry designers who are breaking onto the scene in a very big way! They're pieces can be seen on celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Jordin Sparks, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and many more! Check out our interview with Kendall and Libby Glazer of Stoney Clover Lane and be sure to check out their site. I can guarantee you that you won't exit off the page without buying something. www.stoneycloverlane.com

First off, introduce yourself and your dream collection, Stoney Clover Lane. Where did that name come from?
“We are two sisters Kendall and Libby who started the company Stoney Clover Lane three years ago. The name Stoney Clover Lane came from the street we grew up on, we thought it was a cute name and worked for the company.”

Your bracelets are so chic! Do you have a favorite?
“Thank you! We really love all of our bracelets but right now our favorites are our new collection of lucky charms. These are fabric bracelet with plastic neon, and glitter charms. You make a wish when you tie them on and when the bracelet starts to wear your wish comes true. We have the charms in so many different designs and they are so fun we love stacking on a lot at a time. Right now I'm wearing 7 of them!”

Lots of celebrities have been buzzing about your collection, are you surprised by the success?
“We were definitely surprised at how fast it happened. Taylor Swift wore our bracelets even before we began to sell them so it kind of just sparked the interest in the bracelets and had people looking to buy them. When she first wore them we were just making them for ourselves and our friends! Now we have almost every celebrity we could dream of wearing our bracelets which has been absolutely amazing! We still freak out and get excited when someone new is spotted with them!”

If you could create a collaborative piece with any designer, who would it be?
“My absolute favorite celebrities in the world are Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen and I love their brands The Row, and Elizabeth and James so my dream would be to do something with them.”

You are both pretty young, do you have advice for other young people who are out there who want to follow their dreams?
“The best advice I could give is basically just do what you love and if you are passionate about something and really care it shows and people will start to want to know about what you are doing just because you are excited about it. We always say we will never design something we wouldn’t wear and I think because of that we are always excited about what we are doing and trying to get other people excited about it as well!”

How hard is it to run a business and still try to be a "typical" teen?
“We have figured out the best way to balance both our normal life and Stoney Clover so now its very easy for us to run SCL and just be like everyone else. We basically just take a little time every week to work on Stoney Clover during the year while were in school to make sure we are answering e-mails, making orders, updating our Facebook etc... and keeping on top of everything and then in the summer when we are out of school and have more time we are able to devote more of ourselves to Stoney Clover so we have a good balance. Our friends are also amazing at understanding everything we are doing and are always willing to help with whatever we need, especially around holiday time, which is when we get crazy with orders.”

Tell us a little bit about the dream foundation and your work with the organization.
“We first learned about Dream Foundation right before we started SCL when I was looking through an online auction Kim Kardashain was doing, I saw the proceeds were donated to DF so I wanted to check it out. I found out that it was a charity that grants final dreams to people over 18 that are terminally ill. There was a section of the website you could look and see all the different dreams that could be adopted and right then I knew I wanted to do at least be able to adopt one dream. When we decided to sell our bracelets i knew we needed to do something to work with Dream Foundation and we decided to give 25% of all the proceeds to them. We started out with one dream and now three years later we have helped make more then 30 dreams come true.”

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview, is there anything special you want our readers to know? 
“Of course! You can check out our website www.stoneycloverlane.com for all of our products! We are always updating it so check back often! Make sure to like us on facbeook.com/stoneycloverlane and follow us on twitter and instagram @stoneyclover!! Thanks for talking to us!!”


Anonymous said...

these girls are so talented and well spoken. Inspirational for sure

Anonymous said...

aww cute stuff!

Jade said...

I would wear their stuff! It's so cute

Shannon said...

omg they're bracelets are adorableeee im asking my mom to buy me one

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great interview! I love malibu mara's blog too. you guys are great together.

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Loving their new collection. Ordering some today :). Malibu Mara and Jay Swag make a great team.