Enough Said - Aaliyah feat. Drake

I have a new favorite song! It's called Enough Said and it's technically by Aaliyah and features Drake.  

The song is an unreleased Aaliyah song which Drake was given permission to work with. He added a rap verse and released a great tribute to the late songstress. Listening to the song for the first time made me want to listen to all of Aaliyah's music. It just proves that although she's no longer with us, her legacy will live on. 

There has been mixed feelings on the song, but I'm going to ignore the negative comments. Overall, I think it's a great song and it really does bring Aaliayh's music back to life. I definitely recommend giving it a listen and letting me know what you think!
-Jay P-


Anonymous said...

RIP baby girl <3 sing with the angels like you were always meant to do

Anonymous said...

beautiful song <3 if people hate on it they need to take a look at themselves. It's a great tribute.

Anonymous said...

I actually like this song, even tho' Drake's obsession with her is quite odd.

Raina said...

LOL! @NeverJaded I COMPLETELY agree. He obsesses over her. I do like the song though.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful tribute. Don't care what anyone says.

Question Where's Dylan at? You said you won't see him for a week. why?