Tameka Foster Forced to Pull The Plug on Her Son

This is extremely sad news and my heart goes out to Tameka Foster and her family in this very difficult time. A week after her son Kyle Glover, Usher's step-son with Tameka, was announced brain dead after a tragic jet ski accident, it has been revealed that Tameka will be forced to remove Kyle from life support sometime in early August. 

The reason behind this is not her decision, but rather her insurance's. They told Tameka that they will only cover the costs for a few months at the most. Sources are saying that Usher has been extremely supportive, but has not helped in any financial aspect. It is also being said that Tameka does not expect Usher to be responsible though. I can't even imagine what the family is going through, and I'm just asking that you all keep them in your prayers. 
-Jay P- 


Anonymous said...

I can't even imagine what she's going through. I'm praying for them all ;(

Anonymous said...

How's Dylan! When is he gonna put up a new cover :) Will you tell him I said hi. I love the both of you and I think your friendship is so great. #BROMANCE lol

Anonymous said...

so sad :( i hope its not true. praying for them

John.Panichella said...

Thank you for keeping them in your prayers everyone!

& Dylan will be putting up a new cover soon. He says hi! We love you too =]