Mariah Carey Confirms "Idol" Rumors

A few days ago we reported that American Idol judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez would not be returning to the series for the upcoming season. We also mentioned that Mariah Carey was being looked at as a replacement. It has now been confirmed that Mariah will be joining the Idol family!

Personally, I think this is just what the show needed. Mariah is arguably one of the most talented vocalists of all times, and her musical ear is incredible. I think she will really bring something special to the show, and I believe she will be able to help guide future contestants on the right path. I'm very excited to see how things pan out. Are you excited to see Mariah as a judge? Who do you think the third judge should be? Comment and let me know!
-Jay P- 


Jade said...

I'm so excited! but when will Episode 5 of Jay Swag TV be here! I miss you and Dylan haha

Anonymous said...

This is just what they needed a REAL vocal expert

Anonymous said...