Dylan Covers Keep Your Head Up - Andy Grammer

Hey guys! First, I want to say that miss you all so much. I've been really busy working with Dylan and enjoying my last summer before I start college. I'll be sharing more of my summer with you guys soon. Anyway, I meant to post this earlier but here is Dylan's latest studio cover of Keep Your Head Up by Andy Grammer! I'm very proud of Dylan and I think he did an awesome job with this cover. Please tweet it to @AndyGrammer and be sure to ask Andy to follow Dylan on Twitter @DTBMuzic. Thank you again for your endless support. 
-Jay P-


Jade said...

Wow he sound like Andy Grammer! I really like this cover. Tell him I said hi :)

Anonymous said...

I loveeeeee it. Xoxoxo. Keep up the good work the both of you. And never lose your friendship. You're going to need each other in the industry.

John.Panichella said...

@Jade he says hi!

@Anonymous I agree! It's great to have someone to go through the industry with. Thanks for supporting both of us.