True Blood Season 5 Premiere

My favorite show on television, True Blood, is finally back! I feel like I've been waiting for so long just to see a new episode and after last night I can say I'm looking forward to the rest of this season. I won't be giving anything away, just in case you missed it, but I will say that the first episode included all of our favorite characters and more! After the cliff hanger season finale from last year I had to see what would happen to Tara, and I'm glad that we got our answer. 

Since it was the first episode there wasn't an overwhelming amount of action but I'm okay with that. The thing with season premiere's is this; most of the time they are just setting up the rest of the season. I think they did a very good job at that without giving us too much to take in. Overall I'm ready for the next episode and I really hope this season does well. To all my older readers, if you haven't checked out True Blood make sure you tune into HBO at 9pm est on Sundays.
-Jay P- 


Jennifer said...

I missed it! So happy you didnt spoil it for us. I hope I like it

Anonymous said...

i thought the episode couldve been a lot better. the season is going to be terribe. going down hill since last year

Ryan White said...

I agree with both of you. I think the episode wasn't as goods it could be but I also think it set up for a good season. We'll have to see what happens next week to decide

LaurXoXo said...

I think it should be interesting to see what happens to Tara now. (didn't want to give too much away)