True Blood Season 5 Trailer

The time has almost come for the new season of True Blood to begin! If you've been a reader of Jay Swag for a while then you know I absolutely love this show. Check out the newest trailer for 5th season of True Blood. From the looks of it this season will be just as good as all the others! It's going to be full of action, the supernatural, and all the suspense that keeps us wanting more!

Be sure to tune into HBO on June 10th to catch the season premiere. I know I'll be watching!
-Jay P- 


Anonymous said...

Looks like we are in for a fantastic season.

Btw when are you and Dylan going to post a new Jay Swag TV? Love you guys :D

Gianna said...

this season looks way too good. I hope it's not as crazy as last season

Megan said...


John.Panichella said...

@Anonymous We're going to work on some stuff soon! He's finishing up school and I'm finalizing all my college stuff so we're both a little busy. Once summer really gets started we'll be posting a lot more!

& everyone else. Yes! I can't wait =]