Middle School Reunion

If you follow me on Twitter then you know that I had a little middle school reunion on Thursday. My old school as having their annual carnival and so a few kids from my 8th grade graduating class decided to get together and hang out before we all go to college this summer. I haven't really done one of these personal posts in a while so I promised you guys I would. Sorry it's a few days late!

Anyway, it was definitely nice to see every one. We hadn't really had a reunion since 8th grade so it was good for all of us to catch up and talk about our future plans. We got to see some of our old teachers. Overall it was a great night and it made me realize how time goes by so fast.

We're graduating high school this year, but it feels like we literally just graduated 8th grade a few days ago. I'm happy to say that I've been able to accomplish so much in the past four years. Anyway, shout out to everyone from my class that showed up. It was nice seeing you guys and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Keep in touch!
-Jay P- 


Anonymous said...

omg i keep forgetting that youre only in high school sometimes

Anonymous said...

which one is @Briebell0

John.Panichella said...

Haha! She's the one standing right next to me on the right. All the way on the right is Brielle. To my left is Joey, Kaleigh, Charissa, and Ryan. Sorry! I should've put that in there.

Jade said...

I wish I lived in your state so I could see you out in public.

Anonymous said...

aw its nice that you keep in touch with them. i haven't talked to anyone from my middle school for two years