Demi Lovato Confirmed As X Factor Judge

It's confirmed! Demi Lovato will be sitting alongside Simon Cowell, L.A. Reid, and Britney Spears, as the fourth and final judge of the U.S. version of "The X Factor." This announcement comes only a few days after Britney finalized her deal totalling $15 million. There's no word on what Demi's pay is but I'm sure it's a pretty nice chunk of change.

I think this is the perfect thing for X Factor. With Britney Spears and Demi Lovato you bring in two huge fan bases that will want to watch the show just to see their favorite stars. Not only that, but these two girls are in the industry right now, and have been working since they were young, so they both know what the contestants are going through. I think it's a genius way to boost ratings and get the people talking. I'm actually really excited for the new season and I can't wait to see the new talent. Are you a fan of Demi joining the judges panel?
-Jay P-


Kayla Songz said...

Do you know when it premiers? I'm so happy for her though. Shes a great role model for all of us teenagers

Anonymous said...

If Demi is on my TV weekly then u know what I'll be watching

Jade said...

ahh! I love Demi <3
btw I love how you just stook up for you and Dylan on Twitter. People should stop leaving you hate comments. You both are super talented. They're just jealous

Anonymous said...

I love Demi!!!!!! She's such an inspiring person ahh this is great!!!!!