American Idol Top 3 Recap

American Idol was on last night and the final three contestants each performed three songs. The first was a song chosen by the judges, the second was chosen by themselves, and the third was chosen by Jimmy. Overall the night had his high and low moments but it definitely shook up the competition for me. Up until this point I had pictured a Jessica/Joshua finale but after last night I'm hoping for  Jessica/Phillip finale with Jess winning it all. Anyway, I'll break down my thoughts below.

Joshua Ledet opened up the show with I'd Rather Go Blind by Etta James. He sounded okay. I still believe that this would have been the perfect song for Jess though! I mean just go look up her cover on YouTube. She kills it! Ledet than sang Imagine by John Lennon. I actually enjoyed his version of it, although I could've went without the screaming all together. When he holds back his voice sounds so much better! His last song was No More Drama by Mary J Blige. After watching it a few times I've decided that I hated it. It was way too over the top for me. Sorry.

Jessica Sanchez stole the show in my opinion. I enjoyed all three of her performances. Her first song was My All by Mariah Carey. Jess sang it beautifully. My only critique is that she didn't sing the big parts of the song. I know for a fact she has the voice to belt those high notes. I just wish she would've done it. Other than that, stellar job! Her second song was I Don't Want To Miss A Thing by Aerosmith. This was very bold of her considering the man who made the song a hit was sitting right infront of her. In my opinon, best performance of the night. Steven Tyler, who usually doesn't like when other people sing his songs, even gave her a standing ovation! Jimmy chose I'll Be There by The Jackson 5 as Jess' last song. Again, she killed it. I don't know what Randy was talking about because I personally loved it. 

Phillip Phillips is definitely the dark horse in this competition. I counted him out a while ago but these past few weeks he has really been surprising me. His first song was Beggin' by Madcon. Personally, I had never heard the song but I thoroughly enjoyed his performance. I was getting a lot of people telling me he strayed from the melody(this of course didn't bother me since I was unfamiliar with the song). His second song was Disease by Matchbox Twenty. I didn't like this. It sounded too similar to his other performances and there wasn't a standout moment for me. On his last song, We've Got Tonight by Bob Seger, Phillip definitely surprised me though. I really enjoyed his performance and, for me, this performance she get him a spot in the finale. 

As far as eliminations go I would like to see Joshua go but I have a bad feeling that we may be saying goodbye to my favorite, Jessica Sanchez. I guess we'll have to wait and see! Oh yeah! I just want to thank everyone who tweeted along with me last night. It was so much fun and I hope you all enjoyed it.
-Jay P- 


Taylor said...

Phillip should win it all! Hes too cutee

Anonymous said...

Ew send Jessica Sanchez home. She screams all the time.

Jade said...

Jessica made it through! I hope you had fun at your prom

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

to the person who says jessica screams...are you a moron? that's all.