American Idol: Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips

The time has come! Tonight the winner of American Idol will be crowned. Will it be Phillip Phillips, or will it be Jessica Sanchez? Before we talk about that let's do a quick recap of last night's episode. 

Jessica Sanchez opened the show by singing Simon Fuller's pick of I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston. I was blown away by Jessica' version of this song! I usually hate when people sing Whitney but Jess does justice to all of her songs. It's crazy that she's only 16! Everything was spot on and I got chills when she hit the big note. For her second performance Jessica sang the song that got her into the Top 24, The Prayer. Again...wow. Her voice really shined through. This girl has the perfect vibrato. She has so much control over her voice and it really was showcased with this song. Lastly, Jess sang what will become her first single. The song is titled Never Change and it is a pop ballad. I don't know what the judges were talking about but I thought the song was perfect for Jess. Maybe the judges realized the song was a direct shot at them for not giving her enough credit on the season. "They say we don't fit together. And I could do better. There's always something. They don't know the hell we've been through. Cause when you hold me like I do. That's when I wanna change nothing." Anyway, I loved it. I thought her voice sounded amazing and I could definitely hear this on the radio! Great job Jessica!

Phillip Phillips just didn't do it for me last night. His first song was picked by Simon Fuller and it was Stand By Me. To be completely honest, I thought it was pitchy. If you're in the finale of Idol you really shouldn't be pitchy at all. It wasn't a terrible performance but Jess clearly blew him away with her first song. Phillip's seconds song was Movin' Out. Again, he gave a sincere performance. It was definitely better than his first song, but Jessica sang The Prayer this wrong and she killed it! Finally, Phillip sang "his" single titled Home, which isn't really his song. It's a Greg Holden song. The fact that it wasn't original bothered me a bit, but there's not much I can do about that. Everyone loved this performance. I still thought Jessica out sang him with her last song. I don't want people to think I'm hating on Phillip because I'm not. I think he's an incredible artist and I know he's going to go very far, but let's be serious; Jessica's voice is just incomparable. I mean she can sing with some of the greatest artists in the world and hold her own. It's not that Phillip isn't great, it's just that vocally, Jessica has the potential to be remembered as a legend in her later days. That being said, let's talk about my predictions.

It's very obvious that I'm a huge Jessica Sanchez supporter. In my heart I know that she should be the winner of American Idol, but in my gut I have a feeling that Phillip Phillips will be crowned this seasons winner. I've been getting mixed thoughts on Twitter but Phillip has the teen girl vote and that has seemed to dominate the show for the past few years. Whatever happens, I wish both of them the best of luck in their futures. Be sure to tune into American Idol tonight to watch the crowning of the winner!
-Jay P- 


Leia said...

Jessica Sanchez should win! She is so good!

Chris R said...

see Phillip is a true artist though. Jessica Sanchez is good but she needs to grow up and develop. Phillip has everything he needs to make it now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for tweeting with your friend Dylan last night! Will you guys be back for the finale?

Anonymous said...

Phillip is going to win!!! His last performance was great super impressive.

Anonymous said...

wow i cant believe you were right. i thought for sure jessica would win

Jade said...

Jessica Sanchez singing with Jennifer Holliday was just incredible! I wish she won. She deserved it more than Phillip.