2012 Billboard Music Awards: Fashion

Last night the Billboard Music Awards aired, hashtag #BBMA. Surprisingly, there were a lot of really well dressed celebs that attended. I was ready to list hits and misses, but there were a lot of hits!
Most of the performances however were rather lackluster. My favorite performance was Carrie Underwood, she is an AMAZING vocalist! She looked super fab as well. Definitely one of my top 3!

You might be surprised if you follow me fashion posts after award shows... But my #2 best dressed is KATY PERRY. I had no clue that her fans were called "Katy Cats?" Is that true or did she make that up? Either way, she did a purple thing for this show, and it worked so well. Her performance... not so much.


My #3 is Taylor Swift. Girlfriend is just all over the place. I admit, I may not be her biggest fan but she is my age and doing some really cool things. At least she's a good role model,we don't see her partying with Lindsay Lohan. Everyone knows her for being interrupted and being really sweet.


I wanted to at least mention Miley Cyrus. I don't know who dresses her but they always make her not look her age. She looks 30 years old here. I would like this look on maybe Kourtney Kardashian (with a nude heel). I don't know what it is, I'm not into the look, but most of the press loves it.

What's your opinion?


Brielle said...

Carrie Underwood was gorgeous! and she sang amazing

Anonymous said...

Taylor looked nice for once. I usually hate that gold sparkle gown she wears to everything

Anonymous said...

My favorite of the night was Jordin sparks

Maria said...

I didn't really like Miley outfit either tbh.

FashionGirlXXo said...

Miley's outfit does age her but I think it looks good for her.

Taylor's gown was okay.

Katy Perry looked stunning.

Carrie Underwood stole the night