Justin Bieber - Die In Your Arms

Justin Bieber's new song Die In Your Arms is here! Of course I had to blog about it. Now, I was pretty harsh on Boyfriend when it first came it (even though it grew on me). That being said, I actually really like this song. I think this is the kind of music that Justin needs to be making. His voice sounds really good on it and it has a unique sound. I hope the rest of his album is similar to this. What do you think of Justin Bieber's single Die In Your Arms.
-Jay P-


True Blood Season 5 Trailer

The time has almost come for the new season of True Blood to begin! If you've been a reader of Jay Swag for a while then you know I absolutely love this show. Check out the newest trailer for 5th season of True Blood. From the looks of it this season will be just as good as all the others! It's going to be full of action, the supernatural, and all the suspense that keeps us wanting more!

Be sure to tune into HBO on June 10th to catch the season premiere. I know I'll be watching!
-Jay P- 


New Music: War Cry - Jeury San

I have some new music for you guys to check out! This is called War Cry and it is by Jeury San. A New York native, Jeury San has always dreamed of creating music for everyone to enjoy. He cites Kid Cudi, Kanye West, and Dr. Dre, just to name a few, as his biggest inspirations. As soon as the song started I couldn't help but tap my foot along to the beat. War Cry was produced by Billy Martin, aka Villain of the band Good Charlotte. Be sure to check out the song below and to follow Jeury San on Twitter. 

-Jay P- 


Phillip Phillips Crowned Winner of American Idol

After a fierce competition and a record breaking 132 million votes, Phillip Phillips was crowned the winner of the eleventh season of American Idol. If you follow me on Twitter than you know I may be one of the biggest Jessica Sanchez supporters, and that explains all of my angry tweets last night. I apologize for that. I want to congratulate Phillip Phillips and I'm wishing him a fruitful career. 

That being said, check out what may just be the best performance to ever hit the Idol stage! Jennifer Holliday teamed up with Jessica Sanchez to sing her hit song And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going. Wow! Words cannot describe how incredible this was. Jessica Sanchez may just be one of the greatest singers out there at the moment. I'm going to miss tweeting with you guys every week. We'll have to find a new show to watch together haha! Anyway, let me know what you thought about the finale.
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Lenovo Speakers! Get Your Jams On!

This post brought to you by Lenovo. All opinions are 100% mine.

_38_0_57Y6361_V1.jpg (JPEG Image, 1000 × 1000 pixels).jpg

Hey guys! Check out this amazing Lenovo speaker system that I just found out about!

_38_0_57Y6361_V2.jpg (JPEG Image, 1000 × 1000 pixels).jpg

The Lenovo speaker M0520 is a speaker system that plugs right into your laptop or desktop via USB! I don't know about you but sometimes my laptop speakers just don't do it for me. I've been looking for a good external speaker to use with my laptop but everything is so bulky! The Lenovo speaker is super sleek, elegant, and doesn't take up much room at all! It features 4 watts of power, energy saving function, and my favorite feature, wire spools for easy storage! I hate having to find a way to wrap up all the wires without messing anything up so it's nice that this has an easy way to store it.i

Virtually anyone can use this! Maybe you're having a small gathering and want to blast some music but your laptop speakers aren't loud enough. Just plug in your Lenovo system and BAM, everyone can enjoy your music! What if your internal speakers stop working? Replacing that can be super expensive. Why spend all that money when you can buy this alternative that will be just as good!

I know for me this is exactly what I need! It's more compact than all the other speakers out there, and as someone who tends to stay pretty trendy, I like the look of these. The quality is also amazing! I could use this everyday listening to music in my free time, or when I'm working on recordings with my friends, The Lenovo speakers will allow for me to hear every fine detail and produce a great track! I definitely reccomeng checking it out!

-Jay P- 

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American Idol: Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips

The time has come! Tonight the winner of American Idol will be crowned. Will it be Phillip Phillips, or will it be Jessica Sanchez? Before we talk about that let's do a quick recap of last night's episode. 

Jessica Sanchez opened the show by singing Simon Fuller's pick of I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston. I was blown away by Jessica' version of this song! I usually hate when people sing Whitney but Jess does justice to all of her songs. It's crazy that she's only 16! Everything was spot on and I got chills when she hit the big note. For her second performance Jessica sang the song that got her into the Top 24, The Prayer. Again...wow. Her voice really shined through. This girl has the perfect vibrato. She has so much control over her voice and it really was showcased with this song. Lastly, Jess sang what will become her first single. The song is titled Never Change and it is a pop ballad. I don't know what the judges were talking about but I thought the song was perfect for Jess. Maybe the judges realized the song was a direct shot at them for not giving her enough credit on the season. "They say we don't fit together. And I could do better. There's always something. They don't know the hell we've been through. Cause when you hold me like I do. That's when I wanna change nothing." Anyway, I loved it. I thought her voice sounded amazing and I could definitely hear this on the radio! Great job Jessica!

Phillip Phillips just didn't do it for me last night. His first song was picked by Simon Fuller and it was Stand By Me. To be completely honest, I thought it was pitchy. If you're in the finale of Idol you really shouldn't be pitchy at all. It wasn't a terrible performance but Jess clearly blew him away with her first song. Phillip's seconds song was Movin' Out. Again, he gave a sincere performance. It was definitely better than his first song, but Jessica sang The Prayer this wrong and she killed it! Finally, Phillip sang "his" single titled Home, which isn't really his song. It's a Greg Holden song. The fact that it wasn't original bothered me a bit, but there's not much I can do about that. Everyone loved this performance. I still thought Jessica out sang him with her last song. I don't want people to think I'm hating on Phillip because I'm not. I think he's an incredible artist and I know he's going to go very far, but let's be serious; Jessica's voice is just incomparable. I mean she can sing with some of the greatest artists in the world and hold her own. It's not that Phillip isn't great, it's just that vocally, Jessica has the potential to be remembered as a legend in her later days. That being said, let's talk about my predictions.

It's very obvious that I'm a huge Jessica Sanchez supporter. In my heart I know that she should be the winner of American Idol, but in my gut I have a feeling that Phillip Phillips will be crowned this seasons winner. I've been getting mixed thoughts on Twitter but Phillip has the teen girl vote and that has seemed to dominate the show for the past few years. Whatever happens, I wish both of them the best of luck in their futures. Be sure to tune into American Idol tonight to watch the crowning of the winner!
-Jay P- 


2012 Billboard Music Awards: Fashion

Last night the Billboard Music Awards aired, hashtag #BBMA. Surprisingly, there were a lot of really well dressed celebs that attended. I was ready to list hits and misses, but there were a lot of hits!
Most of the performances however were rather lackluster. My favorite performance was Carrie Underwood, she is an AMAZING vocalist! She looked super fab as well. Definitely one of my top 3!

You might be surprised if you follow me fashion posts after award shows... But my #2 best dressed is KATY PERRY. I had no clue that her fans were called "Katy Cats?" Is that true or did she make that up? Either way, she did a purple thing for this show, and it worked so well. Her performance... not so much.


My #3 is Taylor Swift. Girlfriend is just all over the place. I admit, I may not be her biggest fan but she is my age and doing some really cool things. At least she's a good role model,we don't see her partying with Lindsay Lohan. Everyone knows her for being interrupted and being really sweet.


I wanted to at least mention Miley Cyrus. I don't know who dresses her but they always make her not look her age. She looks 30 years old here. I would like this look on maybe Kourtney Kardashian (with a nude heel). I don't know what it is, I'm not into the look, but most of the press loves it.

What's your opinion?


R.I.P. Robin Gibb

Robin Gibb, one of the founding members of the Bee Gees, has passed away at the age of 62. The singer/songwriter had been battling liver and colon cancer for the past few years. A family spokesperson released the following statement: 

"The family of Robin Gibb, of the Bee Gees, announce with great sadness that Robin passed away today following his long battle with cancer and intestinal surgery. The family have asked that their privacy is respected at this very difficult time."

Rest in peace to Robin Gibb. Hopefully the wishes of the family will be respected and they will receive the privacy they are seeking. 
-Jay P- 


Senior Prom !

I can't believe I'm already writing this post. Last night I attended my senior prom! It's so weird that in just a few days I'll be finished with high school. I had such a nice night at prom and it was a great way to end my high school career. I went with my friend Abbie (pictured above). After last night it's definitely going to be a little harder to just graduate and move on to college. The only word that comes to mind is "bittersweet." For now though, check out some of my favorite photos of the night!

(Olivia, Mr. Markellos, Myself, Nicole)

(Fellow socialite/blogger Savannah Britt)

(Bri, Joe, Abbie, Me)

-Jay P-


American Idol Top 3 Recap

American Idol was on last night and the final three contestants each performed three songs. The first was a song chosen by the judges, the second was chosen by themselves, and the third was chosen by Jimmy. Overall the night had his high and low moments but it definitely shook up the competition for me. Up until this point I had pictured a Jessica/Joshua finale but after last night I'm hoping for  Jessica/Phillip finale with Jess winning it all. Anyway, I'll break down my thoughts below.

Joshua Ledet opened up the show with I'd Rather Go Blind by Etta James. He sounded okay. I still believe that this would have been the perfect song for Jess though! I mean just go look up her cover on YouTube. She kills it! Ledet than sang Imagine by John Lennon. I actually enjoyed his version of it, although I could've went without the screaming all together. When he holds back his voice sounds so much better! His last song was No More Drama by Mary J Blige. After watching it a few times I've decided that I hated it. It was way too over the top for me. Sorry.

Jessica Sanchez stole the show in my opinion. I enjoyed all three of her performances. Her first song was My All by Mariah Carey. Jess sang it beautifully. My only critique is that she didn't sing the big parts of the song. I know for a fact she has the voice to belt those high notes. I just wish she would've done it. Other than that, stellar job! Her second song was I Don't Want To Miss A Thing by Aerosmith. This was very bold of her considering the man who made the song a hit was sitting right infront of her. In my opinon, best performance of the night. Steven Tyler, who usually doesn't like when other people sing his songs, even gave her a standing ovation! Jimmy chose I'll Be There by The Jackson 5 as Jess' last song. Again, she killed it. I don't know what Randy was talking about because I personally loved it. 

Phillip Phillips is definitely the dark horse in this competition. I counted him out a while ago but these past few weeks he has really been surprising me. His first song was Beggin' by Madcon. Personally, I had never heard the song but I thoroughly enjoyed his performance. I was getting a lot of people telling me he strayed from the melody(this of course didn't bother me since I was unfamiliar with the song). His second song was Disease by Matchbox Twenty. I didn't like this. It sounded too similar to his other performances and there wasn't a standout moment for me. On his last song, We've Got Tonight by Bob Seger, Phillip definitely surprised me though. I really enjoyed his performance and, for me, this performance she get him a spot in the finale. 

As far as eliminations go I would like to see Joshua go but I have a bad feeling that we may be saying goodbye to my favorite, Jessica Sanchez. I guess we'll have to wait and see! Oh yeah! I just want to thank everyone who tweeted along with me last night. It was so much fun and I hope you all enjoyed it.
-Jay P- 

R.I.P. Donna Summer

Music legend and the Queen of Disco Donna Summer has passed away after a long battle with cancer. The news was confirmed by a family member. She was 63.

Donna Summer was a 5 time Grammy award winning artist whose hits included Hot Stuff, Last Dance, and Bad Girls. It is reported that the Queen of Disco was working on a new album. There is no word on whether or not any of those tracks will be released in her memory. 

Donna Summer is survived by her husband, three children, and four grandchildren. Her music will never be forgotten and her influence on the music industry will certainly stay present in the world.
-Jay P- 


Invisible - Baiyu ft Rotimi

I have new music for you guys! Check out this new track called Invisible by Baiyu and Rotimi! I just listened to it for the first time yesterday and I really liked it. Their vocals are on point and their voices go perfectly together. Also, I really like the simplicity of the video. Definitely worth checking out. Be sure to follow them both on Twitter @BaiyuMusic and @Rotimi. 
-Jay P-


Jenna Sousa Interview

Jenna Sousa is this month's YouTube Artist of the Month! I recently got the chance to chat with the talented artist. Check out our interview below!

Hey Jenna! Thanks so much for speaking with Jay Swag Entertainment News. First, can you please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself?
“Awe thank you so much, It’s my pleasure! My name’s Jenna Sousa, and I’m a singer/songwriter! Music is my whole life and passion, and without it I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I sing ALL the time; my friends and family even know that something’s wrong with me if I’m not singing! Music’s how I express myself, and how I express how I feel. Without it I’d be lost. I hope that I’ll be able to share my love of music with others, and help them through difficult times as music helps me. I hope I can be a role model for others and to help them know that their dreams are always possible no matter what.”

 What made you want to start singing? When did you realize you had a true gift?
I’ve actually been singing ever since I was born. It was just a natural thing, and ever since I was born I’ve always loved music. My parents said I started humming songs before I started talking, and I even learned quicker if it was involved with music. I even wrote a song about my mom’s mashed potatoes when I was little, lol! At the age of 5, I sang in my first talent show and won the Kent County American Idol for my state. I continued to sing at many different venues, and of course in my bedroom! At 12, I was discovered on Youtube by Krayzie Bone from Bone Thugs and Harmony. He flew me out to California and signed me to his label. I have been working in California with many different producers and working at releasing my music soon!”

What is your daily life like? Do people notice you when you are out in public?
“My daily life is usually pretty busy! Out in California, a typical day would consist of waking up early and going to the studio. I’ve been recording a bunch of originals, which should hopefully be out soon! After working in the studio I do schoolwork, (unfortunately we all have to do school lol!), and I also have certain meetings here and there. Yes I’ve actually had a lot of people notice me in public, it’s crazy! I never ever thought that people could recognize me off of youtube! It’s even happened in a grocery store, lol! My first experience was when I was in a mall bathroom, and when I walked out, a group of young girls came up to me asking if I was Jenna Sousa and that they saw my videos. I signed a couple autographs for them, and it was just so amazing to see how people all over the world can hear my music. It’s such an incredible feeling, and I’m so blessed to have such amazing supporters!”

Who is your favorite singer at the moment?
“Oh no, that’s such a hard question lol! I love all artists, and I respect all of them in so many different ways. They’ve all worked so hard to get where they are and are all such inspirations to me. I listen to a bunch of different music ranging from all genres of music, and I love a lot of the songs that are on the radio. But I’d have to say that some of my favorite artists would have to be Beyonce, Rihanna, Jojo, Jason Derulo, Justin Bieber and a WHOLE lot more!”

 When you decide to release your first album, what would you like it to sound like? What style of music would it be?
Ahh I can’t wait to release an album, that’d be such a dream come true! I’ve been recording a bunch of different songs recently. I love singing all genres of music, but I’d have to say that my sound is very urban/pop/R&B. It’s probably a mix between Rihanna, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey and Beyonce all in one, with a  huge twist of Jenna of course! I love to be able to create music that  people can have fun too, and music that they can blast with their friends  at a sleepover or a dance. But at the same time, I also love to create very meaningful songs that people can relate too. If my music can help someone through a rough time, and to let them know that they’re not alone, then my huge goal is complete. I just hope to make music that people will enjoy!”

That was the last question. I just want to thank you again for speaking with us. Do you have any last thoughts or comments?
“Awe no problem at all, I’d just like to thank you for featuring me in your amazing blog! It really was such an honor, and I can’t thank you enough for featuring me as Youtube Artist of the month! It means the world, and I’m so blessed! (:”

-Jay P- 

Demi Lovato Confirmed As X Factor Judge

It's confirmed! Demi Lovato will be sitting alongside Simon Cowell, L.A. Reid, and Britney Spears, as the fourth and final judge of the U.S. version of "The X Factor." This announcement comes only a few days after Britney finalized her deal totalling $15 million. There's no word on what Demi's pay is but I'm sure it's a pretty nice chunk of change.

I think this is the perfect thing for X Factor. With Britney Spears and Demi Lovato you bring in two huge fan bases that will want to watch the show just to see their favorite stars. Not only that, but these two girls are in the industry right now, and have been working since they were young, so they both know what the contestants are going through. I think it's a genius way to boost ratings and get the people talking. I'm actually really excited for the new season and I can't wait to see the new talent. Are you a fan of Demi joining the judges panel?
-Jay P-


Hot Mamas

In honor of Mother's day I decided to dedicate this style post to all the moms out there! In looking back, some of my favorite celebrities are STYLISH MOMS themselves. I have too many, these are my top 3:

Everyone is still gleaming about Beyonce's gown at the Met Gala. I loved it! PS, how cute is bey-by--actually, her little family is all adorbs.

Gwen Stefani has been on of my style loves for as long as I can remember! Her Harajuku lines are doing great, and so is her L.A.M.B. collection. Ahh, she's my favorite California girl. Thank God for No Doubt working on new music together too!

Nicole Richie has come a LONG way from her "Simple Life" days, I did not like her back then. She has really shown out to be a great mom and great business woman. I am obsessed with her House of Harlow line of jewelry as well. Her style is so amazing.

Who's your favorite stylish mom?


Middle School Reunion

If you follow me on Twitter then you know that I had a little middle school reunion on Thursday. My old school as having their annual carnival and so a few kids from my 8th grade graduating class decided to get together and hang out before we all go to college this summer. I haven't really done one of these personal posts in a while so I promised you guys I would. Sorry it's a few days late!

Anyway, it was definitely nice to see every one. We hadn't really had a reunion since 8th grade so it was good for all of us to catch up and talk about our future plans. We got to see some of our old teachers. Overall it was a great night and it made me realize how time goes by so fast.

We're graduating high school this year, but it feels like we literally just graduated 8th grade a few days ago. I'm happy to say that I've been able to accomplish so much in the past four years. Anyway, shout out to everyone from my class that showed up. It was nice seeing you guys and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Keep in touch!
-Jay P- 


Britney Spears Joins 'X Factor'

After months of rumors and speculations E! has confirmed that Britney Spears will, in fact, be a judge on the next season of Simon Cowell's hit show the X Factor

Britney Spears will be sitting along side Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid on the panel of judges this fall. There is no word on who the fourth judge will be, and I haven't really heard many rumors regarding the fourth judge either. I think that Spears will be a great addition to the show just because she is such a huge star. She's arguably one of the biggest pop stars of my generation and her fan base is huge. Her presence alone will definitely give the show a boost in ratings.

Now, just how much did Britney cost the producers? Would you believe me if I said $15 million!? That's right! Britney Spears is receiving a whopping $15 million to grace the judges panel. That's more money than Jennifer Lopez gets for being a judge on American Idol. I guess whatever Simon Cowell does, he does big. Although the monetary figure is rather large, I think it's worth it. Like I said, the show's ratings will definitely spike with Britney on the show. I was very impressed by the first season and I'm definitely looking forward to the second season!
-Jay P- 

Jessica Sanchez - And I Am Telling You

No words. Seriously...I don't really no what to say. Just listen to American Idol contestant Jessica Sanchez sing an amazing rendition of And I Am Telling You. I love everything about this performance. Her voice, the attitude, her presence, and the fact that she just stood there and controlled everything perfectly. I'd love to know what you think so feel free to comment!
-Jay P-


Jermaine Paul Wins 'The Voice'

Well this season of The Voice ended last night and Jermaine Paul was declared the winner. I am a little shocked that he won, just because he seemed to be such an underdog throughout the whole competition. I believe vocally Juliet Simms is better, but as far as making progress goes, Jermaine certainly has grown the most as an artist. His performance of "I Believe I Can Fly" actually impressed me and that was the one moment that I thought he actually had a chance at winning the title.

Juliet Simms came in second place and is already talking about doing a song with Cee Lo Green. I interviewed Juliet back in 2010 and I'm so happy for her! She's such a nice person and I hope that her future is very bright. I'll definitely be tracking her career and seeing what's next. What did you think of the finale? Were you happy with the winner? 
-Jay P- 


Christina Aguilera and Chris Mann Sing "The Prayer"

I have yet to watch last night's episode of The Voice but I've been hearing great things about Christina Aguilera and Chris Mann's performance of The Prayer so I had to look it up and see what was the big deal. I just got done listening to it and overall I thought it was a great performance. I'm still not sure that Chris Mann deserves to be in the finals over Lindsey Pavao, but that's just a personal opinion. Also, if I'm being completely honest I feel like he was out sang by Christina.

The one thing that I loved about this performance was that it proved just how amazing Christina Aguilera really is. Her voice is incredible and I feel like a lot of people underestimate her. She's been receiving a ton of criticism about her weight lately, but I really think it's important to judge her on her talent. She's on a show called "The Voice," and this performance proves why she is one of the judges. I really enjoyed her vocals and I can't wait to watch the rest of the show tonight. Don't be surprised if I blog about it again!
-Jay P- 


Jay Swag TV Ep 3

We're back! I've been asking you guys what you wanted us to talk about on the third episode of our YouTube web series, and a few of you asked us to talk about how we became friends. We were also asked to discuss our summer plans. So here you have it! Check out the third episode of Jay Swag TV and subscribe to both of our channels; JaySwag93 & DylanTBernard. Leave us some comments and let us know what you want us to talk about in the next installment. Thanks!
-Jay P- 


Justin Bieber Releases 'Boyfriend' Music Video

This video has over 2million views in less than 24 hours... Let me start off by saying that the song is pretty catchy. I didn't like it at first, but it grew on me. As far as the video goes, they say if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all. So that's what I'm going to do. Feel free to let me know what you think of the "Boyfriend" video.
-Jay P- 


Jessica Sanchez - You Are So Beautiful

Flawless; that's the only word that comes to mind when I watched Jessica Sanchez sing "You Are So Beautiful" on American Idol last night. Yet again, I got chills while listening to Jess sing. The way that she can control her vibrato is ridiculous! In my opinion she is the best singer left in this competition and if she keeps singing like this she can easily win. I'm extremely annoyed with the judges for not giving her a standing ovation though. This was just as good as her performance of  "I Will Always Love You." Of course they stood for Joshua...no surprise there.  Anyway, tune into American Idol tonight to see who gets let go. It better not be Jess, because if it is I honestly can say I won't watch anymore.
-Jay P- 


YouTube Artist of the Month - Jenna Sousa

It's time to feature another YouTube Artist of the Month! This month I am so excited to feature the incredible Jenna Sousa. My friend Chris IM'd me the other day and said "I found a star," and attached to the IM was a link of Jenna Sousa's cover of "Best Thing I Never Had." I clicked the link and began watching. Wow...he was right! If there really is an "it factor," this girl definitely has it. 

I began watching all of her videos and was extremely impressed by her voice. One of my favorite videos was her cover of "Not Like The Movies." I posted it above so you could check it out. I'm predicting that in a few years "Jenna Sousa" will be a household name. Her tone is unique, her range is good, and at only 14-years-old it's obvious that she has so much room to grow. Subscribe to her channel and follow her on Twitter @Songlover6
-Jay P-