Tinashe Interview

Check out my interview with the beautiful and talented, Tinashe!

First, can you please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself?
“I'm Tinashe! I'm an independent 19 y.o. artist/ entertainer from LA.”

When did you first start to pursue a career in music?
“I started in the entertainment business as an actor and dancer as a kid, just WAITING until I was old enough to pursue music-- at 14 I was signed to Sony/Columbia in the pop group, "The Stunners".  I' m now 100% solo.”

 Although you are a solo singer now, that wasn't always the case. When you were a part of The Stunners you were able to perform on The Wendy Williams, and even open up for Justin Bieber! Tell us a little bit about your experiences with the group. Do you prefer being a solo artist?
“I had so much fun in the group-- I really feel like it was the perfect learning experience for me-- now I am more prepared than ever to be on my own because I've already been on tours/ done tv performances/ radio interviews once before. I definitely prefer to be on my own just because it gives me the opportunity to create music that is more personal to me as a songwriter, and I'm able to truly be myself as an artist.”

Are you currently working on any projects you can tell us about?
“I'm currently putting together a tour for "In Case We Die" .. And music videos from my mixtape are in production-- the soonest to be released is " This Feeling" directed by Cole Walliser, and will come out at the beginning of April.”

Where would you like to be, as far as your career goes, by the end of this year?
“I would LOVE to have a radio hit, a larger fan base, and to have solidified myself as a major force to be reckoned with!!”

In addition to being a singer, you also act. You've even appeared on Two and a Half-Men! Are you interested in pursuing acting as well? If so, what kind of show would you like to be on?
“I would love to get back into acting-- I took a break from it when I started pursuing music full- time because I wanted to focus my efforts. In the future I'd love to be in more motion-pictures.”

If you could collab with any artist out there right now, who would you pick and why?
“Hmmm, today I would pick Kanye West. He's one of my favorite rappers.”

You are so beautiful and always look well put together. Who are your biggest style inspirations? 
“Aw, thank you! I don't really have style inspirations per say.. I kind of like to play with fashion. Some days I feel like dressing one way, and others completely different.”

What advice would you give to a young singer trying to break into the industry?
“You have to think big-- bigger than everyone else... and if it comes down to it you have to make it happen yourself, as best you can!”

That was the last question. I want to thank you for speaking with Jay Swag Entertainment News. Do you have any last thoughts or comments? 
“Thanks so much for the interview and the support! I appreciate the love ;) make sure you look out for my newest video "This Feeling" and visit  www.tinashenow.com or my Twitter: @tinashe for updates and new pics!!”

-Jay P-


Abby Braang said...

shes so pretty! im jealoussss. I looked her up on YT and i love her cover of Killing me softtly. <3 new fan

Jade said...

what a great interview :)

She is extremely talented!

Anonymous said...

I cant wait for the tour she's putting together!! and KANYE needs to read this so he can work with herrrrrrr

Anonymous said...

She's so nice! I kinda just came across your blog when I saw you tweeted her. How did you start all of this? and How old are you haha if you don't mind me asking

Anonymous said...

I can definitely see her being a radio hit just like she wants if she works hard. Shes really pretty and her voice is nice. <3 Goodluck Tinashe

Melissa said...

her INCaseWeDie mixtape is amazing. you are missing out if you dont have that. Love this feature!

Nikole said...

Love it! What's it like having all these people tweet you and stuff?

Leonie said...

I loooove her.
She's an extremely talented, gorgeous and lovely girl.

Anonymous said...

^^ I agree! so gorgeous and talented

Anonymous said...

shes literally perfect
I hope her tour goes well!

Anonymous said...

Omg she is the most beautful girl ever. I didn't know she was on Two and a Half Men! Thats so coool> I hope she becomes major famous soon