Taylor Swift Named Top Money Making Artist

This actually surprised me! Country superstar Taylor Swift was named music's biggest moneymaker last year according to Billboard's most recent list. Taylor Swift topped artists such as U2, Adele, and even Lady Gaga! How much did she make last year? Sources are saying she made somewhere near $35.7 million! Close to $30 million of that came from her Speak Now tour which grossed $88.5 million just in the U.S. The rest of the money came from her album sales and royalties for every song on the album, which she penned all by herself. 

I knew Taylor Swift was extremely popular, but I had no idea she was making this much money. I wonder how much money she'll be making in 2012!
-Jay P- 


Anonymous said...

Wow she's making all that money. That kid from New Jersey is so lucky that he gets to go to the awards with her hahaha

Sarah said...

Omg..I wish I could make that much money in y whole life time..let alone ONE year. She's so lucky.