New Aaliyah Material On The Way?

One can only hope! If this news is true than I am so excited. Jeffrey "J Dub." Walker, the producer who co-wrote two of Aaliyah's songs, "I Refuse" and "What If," recently tweeted that one of the songs he worked in with Aaliyah will be released on an upcoming album. 

He says; "Just got great news today; the smash unreleased song called 'Steady Ground' I produced on Aaliyah is going to be on her upcoming album."

Does this mean that we can expect a full album of unreleased Aaliyah songs? I really hope so! Aaliyah had such a beautiful voice and I tend to listen to a lot of her songs. I would love to hear some music from her that we haven't been able to hear as of now. I just hope that the album is done very carefully. I'm always wary of posthumous albums, but I definitely expect great things. I'll keep you guys posted if I receive anymore information.
-Jay P- 


AJ said...

yu an aaliyah fan? thts cool. r yu sure they really gonna release this album or is this just all rumor

Jade said...

She's soo beautiful. I wish I was as pretty and talented as her. Do you think that her album will be as good as her other one? I really hope so. She's so talented. If she were still alive she would be just as big as Beyonce

Anonymous said...

Why does everyone love Aaliyah now...all these fake fans.

Aaron said...

who cares if people like her music. Doesn't mean that they are "fake fans" you just sound stupid.

Paula Marie said...

Why does it bother u. i hate people like u who make it hard for all of us to like an artist.