Monique Benabou Interview

A few weeks ago I posted about The Voice and mentioned that Monique Benabou and Chris Mann were incredible. The two performed "The Power of Love" in the battle round and left Christina Aguilera with one of the hardest decisions of the competition. Christina chose to keep Chris, but I knew that I just had to speak with Monique Benabou! I got in touch with her through Twitter and set up an interview. Here's what went down!

First, please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself.
“Well, Im a 24 year old SF Bay Area  Native, from a little island called Alameda. LA resident for the last 4 years.”

How long have you been singing? When did you decide to pursue it is a career?
“I have been singing since i was 3 years old. I decided i was going to seriously pursue it as a career when i was 17 years old.”

When did you find out about The Voice auditions? Did you choose to audition yourself, or did someone have to give you a little push?
“I found out about the Voice Auditions toward the end of the 2nd season! My cousin called me frantically saying " You have to register online RIGHT now" Lol so I auditioned a few months later on August 31.”

Tell us about your experience on The Voice. What was it like working with Christina Aguilera?
“My experience was incredible, something that has truly changed me forever and helped me to grown more confident as a performer and artist. It was pretty surreal working with Christina. So many time i found my wanting to poke her lol and see if she was indeed real and in front of me talking to me hah. I treasure the time and advice I received from my Coach.”

I thought your performance with Chris Mann was incredible! You really blew me away with your voice. What were you feeling during that performance, and would you do anything different if you had the chance to do so?
“Thank you very much, i appreciate it! During the performance I was so nervous and just trying to focus on doing my thing and just staying true to the moment and telling the story the best i could. I dont know if there is anything i would do differently if i could go back. I mean under those kind of circumstances  i think I did rather well and was proud of my performance. I gave it my all.”

Are you currently working on any projects you can tell us about? When can we expect some new music?
“I am currently working on a full length album, to be released in July. It is going to be AWESOME! you are gonna hear some sounds that have never been sampled on records before which is a cool feeling! Its really indigenous and tribal and a real complete portrait of myself as a person and artist.”

Has your daily life changed at all since being on The Voice? Do people recognize you out in public?
“Ha! A little, but not much. i do get recognized around from time to time, Especially when im rockin my red lips that day lol”

If you could work with any recording artist who would you pick and why?
“I would love to work with Prince, Joss Stone, Lauryn Hill, my coach Christina, Gotye, The Rival Sons, Maisyahu, Wyclef, Ryan Tedder, Finoa Apple and Robin Thicke. I know i cant just pick one! lol and so many more.”

Who would you like to see win this season of The Voice?
“I would like to see Jamar win this seasons 100%”

That was the last question. I want to thank you for taking the time to speak with Jay Swag Entertainment News. Do you have any last thoughts or comments?

-Jay P-


Anonymous said...

she is an amazing singer!!!! her album will be so good! Shes going to be super famous!

Destiny said...

still think she shouldve been the one picked. oh well. onto bigger/better things

Anonymous said...

It'd be really cool to see her and Christina do a song together. I'm super excited for her new music.

Anonymous said...

love this! are you going to interview any other voice people?

Jade said...

omg you have been doing tons of interviews lately. Love this one though. I was a fan of her when she was on the show.

Rachel Bukner said...

she has that IT thing. she shoulda won the whole thing but thts okay cuz im sure shes gonna be super big very soon