Meet the Artist - Quigley

 If you haven't heard "inkblot game," or the Duet with her fiance VDI called "notice me," you are missing out. This rising artist was nice enough to talk to us about music, her inspiration, and the near future! There was a little confusion, her real name is Casey Carlson. You may recognize that from American Idol! But she's changing her name to Quigley, it's her great-grandparents surname that she adopted as her own:

You are obviously talented in many fields, you wrote and came up with the video for inkblot game, what inspired you?
"The idea for Inkblot Game came from a piece of art work that my sister made...

I loved how clever the concept was so I decided to write a song about it. When you loose someone you love, they end up being all around you. Everything reminds you of them and they are all you see in every scenario. Paired with a Rorschach test, this is such a powerful message. Mostly, my art is inspired from life's simple beauties and how we, as humans, are all interconnected through our actions and our energy. In addressing my multi-faced set of media skills... well lets just say with technology the way it is today,anyone who is truly passionate about creating can learn any software they want. Its all online! Anyone can "DIY"! If you want to make music, you can teach yourself Logic. If you want to learn to make movies, download Final Cut and start messing around! Its in your hands."

I also really dig your style, where are some of your favorite places to shop?
"Favorite places to shop: I have recently decided to buy all of my clothing at the Flea Market that is next to the Grove in West Hollywood every Sunday. Seriously, if you live in LA goooooooo. Its kind of heavenly and orgasmic."

What are your top 3 favorite songs at the moment?
"My favorite songs right now... 1. I'm obsessed with Gotye "Somebody that I used to know" 2. I always love what my fiancee is coming up w/so VDI "So You're Alive" the Digiraatii remix (http://soundcloud.com/digiraatii/vincent-did-it-formerly) and then the last one would be Titanium by Sia and Dave Guetta."

I'm loving Gotye, and the song with Vince. I’m also really loving Inkblot Game! Are you working on any more music?
"My first EP "Pleiades" comes out next month on KILLPOP Records and will feature Inkblot Game and two other tracks, plus perhaps a remix!"

What can we expect to see in the near future? Aside from your music career, are you working on any special projects right now?
"Im working on finishing the EP and once that wraps we start on the Album! When I say we I mean Vincent Frank, the producer, and I."

Well I hope we keep hearing more about you (And VDI!)in the future.I want to thank you for taking the time to do the interview once again. Do you have any last thoughts or comments for our readers?
"Yes, please follw me on Twitter @QuigleyOfficial and check out my BLOG http://quigleyofficial.tumblr.com/


Ryan said...

she's cute ; ) hmu haha. nah but her voice is good too. malibumara did a great interview.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful (: I am so glad for this interview because I would have never found her if not. Putting this on my iPod

Anonymous said...

iloveee quigley. Her voice is so magical. Glad to see her on Jay Swag

M.B. said...

such a huge fan of hers i really love her voice <3

Anonymous said...

will she have an album do you think

Jade said...

I'm starting to love Malibu Mara and her blog too. She has great fashion on there. She also did great on this interview :)

Anonymous said...

I love malibumara.com too! Great combo with her and JaySwag

Anonymous said...

her voice is sooo silky smooth. beautiful singer