KDrew Interview

2012 has just begun, but NJ based artist KDrew is already off to a great start. His music has caught the attention of media outlets such as FOX News, AOL, and MTV, and the feedback has been nothing but positive. Having  amassed 110,000 Facebook fans and over 30,000 Twitter followers, KDrew is an artist that is here to stay. He was kind enough to speak with us for a short interview!

First, can you please introduce yourself to the Jay Swag audience?
“What's up everybody? My name is KDrew.”

What got you into dubstep?
“Well I was hearing a lot about it from my producer friends and then when I put my ear to it a few years back it just blew my mind. I felt like music was kind of at a stand still but once I heard that bass I needed to feel and make that excitement.”

 Listening to one of your songs, you have a very unique sound, where did it come from?
“Thank you very much. I think my sound comes from not trying to have a sound. I just let my creativity take over and whatever happens after that just happens. I feel like if you go for a certain sound then your putting a limitation on yourself. Music is supposed to be free and pure.”

Who inspired you to be the artist you are today?
“Well growing up I listened to all types of music because my father had a Dj company and was also in a few bands. So everyone from Soundgarden, Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Coldplay, Skrillex, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and on... Have inspired me to be the artist I am today.”

Tell us a little bit about your new remix, "Somebody That I Used to Know." 
“Its a remix that I did the single of a super talented artist named Gotye. One of my roommates showed me the record and I just fell in love with it. I spoke about remixing it once or twice. And one day when I was sound designing, I created this bass that kind of pushed me into making the remix. I sat at my labtop and just banged it out. It was definitely one of the more fun records I've done in a while.”

You were chosen as a DJ for the first annual Dubstep Music Awards, how does that feel?
It was really an honor. You go from just enjoying the music and having fun with it, to djing the award show. It was nice to actually feel apart of the genre and I hope after that day, the dubstep community sees me even more as a presence.

People seem to be in love with you, 110,000 facebook fans and 30,000+ followers on twitter, why do you think people go crazy over you?
“Honestly I think that's something I'll never know lol. I guess it's because I just be myself and have fun with what I do. I'm always trying to put positive energy out in the world so maybe people are attracted to that.”

 Do you have any appearances that are coming up for you? 
“Yep I'm actually doing a few shows locally and a couple out of state in the next couple months. But I love doing shows so I have no problem filling that schedule up!”

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us! Do you have any last thoughts or comments? “Thank you for taking the time as well. If you guys wanna get the latest updates and some free music from me check out KDrewMusic.com I hope to see you there. Thank you!”

-Jeff Skomsky- 


Chris said...

when I heard his mix of Somebody That I Used to Know I fell in love with the music and talent.

Jade said...

You have been doing SOOO many interviews lately. I love it! You really have stepped to a new level in 2012. Wishing you the best possible year ever

Anonymous said...

I really like this guy. He seems like he's in it for all the right reasons. Just for the love of music. I love where he mentions the thing about positive energy. I'm a huge believer of whatever we put out, we get back. Great interview. Great music

Anonymous said...

The Gotye song he remixed is hot. Make you wanna dance.

Angelica Hayes said...

Im a huge fan of his. Ive seen him live a few times and the energy is awesome. Loved learning more about him.

Anonymous said...

make you wanna dance doesnt it? lol I love his remix. What he does with songs is magical

Liz said...

r u watchn idol rite now? who is ur favorite

Ryan T. said...

He's music is real goood. Good interview man.

Anonymous said...

hopefully he only does dubstep for a little i know he can do more