Jermaine Jones Dismissed from Idol

American Idol contestant Jermaine Jones has reportedly been kicked off the show! Reports have broken that Jones has been lying during his time on the show, and that his criminal background has finally been revealed. Apparently, he has been lying to Idol producers and saying that his background is 100% clean.

According to sources, this is extremely inaccurate! In fact, Jermaine Jones supposedly had multiple incidents with law enforcement. One incident in particular took place on March 5 2011, where Jones was engaged in a fight at a hotel in NJ. When cops arrived, he gave them a fake name (Joel Jones). He was charged with public nuisance and obstruction of justice. He was also arrested for having outstanding warrants. 

It was originally thought that Jermaine Jones would be announcing his own departure on Idol tonight, but he has been spotted in Philadelphia earlier today, so now there is no confirmation on that. There has also been no word on whether or not Idol will choose to bring back another contestant to replace Jermaine. Be sure to tune into American Idol tonight on FOX to see everything go down!
-Jay P- 


Anonymous said...

is this true!

Anonymous said...

yes its true they just confirmed it on Idol. I wonder if someone will be brought back

Liz said...

omg i commented on the wrong post that is embarssing lol but i said "r u watchn idol rite now? who is ur favorite"

Jade said...

The judges were so mean tonight. I thought Jessica Samchez did a really good job.