Chris Rene - Young Homie

X Factor finalist Chris Rene released the video for his first single and I bet you'll never guess what song it is! Oh wait, it's the only song he knows. Check out Chris Rene's video for "Young Homie." Personally, I think the song has a good message but I'm just tired of hearing it. The video is simple. I hope that this is just something they put out, to get something out to the public right away. If Chris doesn't release some new original material I can see him fading away very soon. Are you a fan of Chris Rene and his song "Young Homie?"
-Jay P- 


Anonymous said...

i love it

Anonymous said...

love it also!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i thing jay s.something is an idiot educate yourself before your write , rene has plenty of more material which will be on his album due out this summer, hopefully, check out you tube , hes singing young homie because theyre doing a promo tour and since thats the song he debuted, thats what the record label wants him to promote, you must know how things work,single and videos arent put out overnite.his music is original, nice lyrics,and smooth sounds.continues success chris rene!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jade said...

He does educate himself before he writes. If he didn't he wouldn't have been able to do so many interviews DUH. Maybe you should learn how to spell before you attack someone. Also, maybe you're "new" to this blog but Jay Swag has been features all over on a bunch of different sites. A lot of celebrities know who Jay P is so I guess YOU are the one who needs to do research. If you disagree with the blog then just say that. Don't attack anyone.

P.S feel free to buy the book that Jay Swag is features in. It's called who said you can't be young and successful and it's available on Barnes and Noble. What book are you featured in mr anonymous?

Anonymous said...

lol at this argument. relax everyone

but i dont like the song either. I think it was overplayed on x factor also