Best Songs with Your Window Down

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I've been blasting JHud's "Think Like A Man" lately, which features Ne-Yo and Rick Ross, just because it's such a great song and I don't think that she's sounded better. When I heard about the "Kia Best Songs to Play with Your Windows Down" I just had to submit the song and share the idea with you. Basically, here's how it works.

Visit the "Best Songs with your Windows Down" playlist and type the song you want to add, in the box. When it finds the song, select it, and then fill out your information and click submit. It's that simple! The song has to go through a verifcation process before it's added to the playlist, so keep that in mind. If you want to see what everyone else is litening to with their windows down, click View Playlist. Now, you will need Spotify to check it out, but that's free and easy to download if you're not using it already!

Comment below and let me know what song you pick. I chose mine just because it's such a catchy song and my friends and I were listening to it the other day on our way to New York. If I had to choose other songs I'd definitely have to add anything by Nicki Minaj. Songs are added everyday so you can check it out daily to find the best playlist on the web.

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-Jay P-

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Christina Jon said...

I just listened to that song. I really like it. Jennifer Hudson is so inspiring. She's been through so much but she doesn't let it break her. I would probably put something by Demi on the playlist :)